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P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge
Jack N. (Clovis, CA, US)
Diverter problem solved!

What an elegant solution to taking showers in the kitchen! Diverter works like a charm! Easy to install, too.

P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge
Laurie G. (Petoskey, MI, US)
Perfect performance

We put the replacement cartridge in and it has performed 100%! Thank you also for your kind and prompt service! We are faithful second generation Dishmaster users for 40 years.

P4020 Mixer Cartridge
SHIRLEY R. (New Castle, CO, US)

P4020 Mixer Cartridge

Hot and cold valve stems

They work great ! Love my Dishmaster!

K31230 Valve Seats and Union O-rings
Ed P. (Laguna Woods, CA, US)

Quality product. Great service. Promptly shipped

K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly
Ronald B. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Hose was replaced effortlessly

I have repaired the previous hose for minor problems and I was familiar putting the new hose in place. I did have a slight problem after installation since the soap connection disconnected and I had to partially disassemble the unit to secure the soap connection. No bid deal!

However, I would suggest a slight edit on your repair video. The actor said to turn the red and blue valve assemblies in different directions. He needs to state that you need to turn the valves in place off before turning the water lines on again. If youdon't turn off the faucets, the water continues to flow.

Thank you,
San Francisco, CA

P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge
Jay M. (Benton Harbor, MI, US)
New cartridge

Delivery was fast. Install was simple. New-style cartridge works well. No complaints.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Robert M. (Fernie, BC, CA)
Great machine!

Makes doing the dishes a Breeze, I highly recommend the Dishmaster product.

K0283 White Brushes
LAWRENCE M. (Auburn Hills, MI, US)

Works OK . Brushes not as thick as the GREEN brushes . BRING BACK GREEN

Not likely to happen. Green filiment is no longer available. To custom order the filiment would require a quantity of many years worth at an outrageous cost. Have you tried the orange brushes?

It allows me more options than my short one.

P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge
Art B. (Azusa, CA, US)
much smoother operation!!

nice, easy motion. On and Auto Off

K0292 Venturi Assembly
James K. (Evening Shade, AR, US)
Venturi assembly

Directions were easy to follow and I appreciate that. Dealing with Dishmaster is always congenial and friendly. The parts I needed were delivered promptly. Thank you,

P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge
Charles h. (Ridgefield, CT, US)
Faucet / wand selector

The faucet works fine however it has a problem that it has always had. The slector knob for faucet or wand does not return to the faucet position as it should when you turn off the water.

We wish we had a solution for you but, as we have discussed in the past, due to the large amount of lime and other minerals that build up on your faucet parts, the automatic function of the diverter will not be reliable.

K31088 Diverter Assembly
Duane H. (Santa Ana, CA, US)
Diverter Wotks sgrest

The replacement diverted works great and the instructions were complete and easy to understand.

K1083 Imperial Four Face Plate
Brigitte S. (Santa Barbara, CA, US)
Pleased with your team

Team member very helpful. Friendly and nice to talk to.
Thank you. Brigitte

K0076 M76 Tune-up Kit
Marguerita D. (Anaheim, CA, US)
Works like new!

I was able to change out the valves and everything in the kit and it’s soooo easy to turn off and on. I love my dishmaster! So glad it works like new!

Clean and solid

Feels well build. Easy to install and looks much nicer than the old one we had.

K0282 Orange Brushes
Mac M. (Peachtree Corners, GA, US)
Its all good

Love the brushes and with the parts you sent, my Dishmaster works like new. Thx

P1281 Hose Guide
Ronald N. (Scottsdale, AZ, US)
Hose guide

Didn’t use it.

P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge
Alan H. (Ventura, CA, US)
Sticky diverter fixed.

The diverter on my M70 Sapphire was staying in the diverted position. The great Dishmaster customer service quickly found my registration, and sent a replacement under warranty.
My family has had a Dishmaster since about 1958 when my parents got their first Imperial. In the past 40 years I've owned Imperial Fours, M2000 Century, and now the Sapphire.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Vivian A. (Paramount, CA, US)
best item

We have had dishmaster for many years they last a long time if use properly. After about 20 years i had to replace. I like the few improvements like swivel nozzle and extended faust.

P4020 Mixer Cartridge
Robert S. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Tight Mixer Cartridge

My family has had a Dishmaster faucet for as long as I can remember, around 75 years! We love them. My M70CPHA developed such a hard and tight water controller/mixer cartridge that wouldn't go away, even after removing it, cleaning it and lubricating it. OK, no problem, so I order a new one. The new P4020 Mixer Cartridge has the same problem, too tight and difficult to turn water on/off or to regulate water temperature!! I am open for suggestions?

Our records indicate we have spoken with you in the past regarding this same issue. Your water sourse is a well. You have a softener that addresses hard water but not other minerals or debris that may be in your in your water. We will email instructions to you for cleaning the cartridges. By the way, we believe you have an M65SHA rather than an M70CPHA.

K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit
Morgan M. (Hermanus, WC, ZA)
no delivery

almost a month after ordering and paying I have still not received my order

We understand you are needing yor order. However, you selected the slowest shipping option availabe. The package arrived in Johannesburg South Africa in 10-days. Unfortunately, we have no control over how fast a package moves in-country.

KN3126P-C Swivel-Spray Aerator, Chrome
Phil K. (Houston, TX, US)
Dishmaster excellence again !!!

Easy to identify the part I needed. Great pricing, excellent service, fast shipping. It doesn't get any better that this !!!!

PA2018 Detergent Tank Assembly
Heidi B. (San Diego, CA, US)
Our old tank had a hole in the bottom corner. I was happy to see you included stick-on protector...

Our old soap tank had a hole in the bottom corner. I was happy to see you included stick-on protectors to keep that from happening again. However, they don’t stay on.