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    Based on 655 reviews
    Nice Look, But the Body & Knobs Are Plastic

    Nice look, but I did not expect that the body and the knobs on such an expensive faucet to be plastic! Really, you couldn't make this in chrome? So disappointing.

    Things are not made of chrome. Chrome is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto an object. Your faucet is chrome plated. The plastic is ABS and has been proven durable for over 43-years. It is made this way for the same reason your car has plastic bumpers and panels, it will not rust or become pitted and greatly reduces cost.

    So good to have all the parts you need.

    Site is easy to use, I was pleased to see all of the parts I needed individually sold. Everything priced very reasonably, received quickly.

    Wow it us working like new again. Great instructions easy to replace. 👍👍

    Customer Since The 1950's

    My wife and her mother have used this product since the 1950's. She still prefers this faucet to all the new ones out today. The only improvement would be to build the outside cover slightly thicker like it use to be. The detergent tank lid does not stay in place when the brush handle is placed on it due to the slight flexing of the cover around the area of the detergent tank lid. Otherwise, it works very well.

    Diverter Assembly

    Replaced a worn out diverter assembly. The old one was sticking in the wand position. Sprayed across the kitchen a few times. The new one works fine.

    Thank you for your review James. If it should happen again in the future, please check out these tips: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/ts276-diverter-knob-will-not-drop
    Great Product

    Have been in one Dishmaster household or another for 65 years. Wouldn't be without one.


    A really great addition to our time capsule 1949 kitchen and a pleasure to use. I gave four stars because the instructions were a bit confusing, also the optional spray head has a nice click when you turn it, a detail Steve Jobs would love!


    The parts fixed the problem. Thanks!

    Fast Shipping

    Item arrived quickly. Well packaged, e mails providing progress of order were appreciated

    As Promised and Easy to Install

    Faster and cheaper than Amazon! Arrived very quick and was exactly what I need to fix a pesky leak on a M76 Imperial Four. NOTE: Make sure you get the old washers/bushings OUT of the faucet assembly first. They get pretty stuck in there and are almost invisible. First attempt made the leak worse...eventually realized one of the very small washers from before was still stuck at the top.

    Sapphire is a gem

    We ordered the sapphire faucet after our previous one blew a gasket. We've had one of your faucets for probably 35 years. This is the third one we've owned.
    I really appreciated the ease to install the whole system. Much easier than the last one we had. I love the low arc on the faucet as it allows for pitchers and large containers to fit under with no problem. It was easy to learn the controls and is easy to use.
    Keep up the good work as the product is getting better all the time.

    Using since the 60’s

    Its at least the 4th dishmaster for me. We’ve had one in 4 different homes.
    Besides being efficient, it prevents passing on germs. As you can see, I wouldn’t be without one.

    Great service

    Parts were correct. And speedy delivery. I’m up and running again. I’m a third generation dishmaster lover. Thank you

    Love my Dishmaster.

    It was easy to install and works as it should. Yea!

    I wish you would include a small tube of NSF 61 silicon grease with the order, even if you would have to charge more. The silicon grease was hard to find at 8 PM and delayed the install until the next morning.

    Copper Tube in Hose

    Had faucet for 3 years and discovered soap leaking from copper tubing in black hose assembly . Small hole from corrosion where clear tubing (hooks to soap dispenser) connects to copper tubing. Actually broke off. Won’t think copper tubing would corrode like that.

    Copper tubing is not bullet proof. Some contributors to copper corrosion: chloramides in municipal water, salt, acidic well water and, in the specific case of the part you mention, if the detergent you use has a citrus additive.

    It's great to be able to get parts to repair an older model Dishmaster rather that having to buy a whole new unit.
    We have had ours for 25+ years, the hose and wand assembly fit perfectly and was easy to install.

    Dishmaster Repair

    I was sent parts to fix the leak in my hot water faucet and I am now leak free. The repair was simple and the process was explained completely. Thank you! Helen


    What a great surprise to find out how easy it was to replace this part! Thank you!!

    Replacement part

    The new part is working great. I don't miss the surprise showers we were getting in the kitchen

    Love this Faucet and product

    Thank you for getting this to me. I just bought a new Dishmaster for the house I moved into. Very grateful.

    More great service from Dishmaster!

    Our family has enjoyed Dishmaster products for three generations over the past 40 years. We wouldn't be without our Dishmaster. Great products, wonderful do-it-yourself support, and speedy parts delivery. A Five Star experience for sure.

    Quick Delivery

    Order my part and it was at my house very quickly!

    Great design, long-lasting & easy to repair.

    Parts in a really old Dishmaster aren't always replaceable, so be prepared to buy a complete new unit. This is my fourth Dishmaster in 40 years; not bad performance!

    Thank you for your review. The most often needed parts for older models are still available for faucets as far back as 1952.
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