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      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Alan R. (Roseville, MI, US)

      My wife and I have been using Dishmasters for 45 years (they do wear out) but this should be our last one, I'm 79 and she is 78. A VERY handy tool, makes cleanup a breeze.

      S2021R2 - 2" longer, 1" higher
      Donald M. (Falmouth, ME, US)
      Extended spout

      Serves our needs vary well

      Dishmaster M76BK Imperial Four, Black
      Rich a.E.J. (Billings, MT, US)
      Going on 50 years of Dishmaster in our kitchen

      My wife loves the black faucet, it matches our kitchen. We did decide it was a bit to black so we installed the chrome faucet handles from our old Imperial Four unit and we now like it better and the handles match the spout. We have been sold on the Dishmaster Imperial units since my parents had one in the late 50's and we purchased one in 1971. We have never had anything else, even had one in our travel trailer for a while.

      K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly
      John L. (Grosse Ile Township, MI, US)
      K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly

      K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly. I bought this entire unit. My 32 year old unit works almost as good as new.

      K1077 Hot and Cold Valve Stem Set
      Marlyn D. (Crawfordsville, IN, US)

      Very pleased

      Love my Dishmaster!

      I learned about the Dishmaster on Retro Renovation this past summer and was happy to find they are still manufactured. I ordered my Imperial IV a month ago after moving into my new house and couldn’t be more happy. I am a bachelor yet love to cook, and it saves me so much time cleaning dishes and my cookware that cannot go into a dishwasher. Unfortunately, my sink is offset so the left side blocks the left knob from operating “normally,” so I am going to purchase the Century 2000 model. I still prefer the retro look of the Imperial IV, and cannot wait to use it in my next residence.

      Thank you for your review. We believe these 'short lever' knobs are the solution for your offset sink:

      P2250 Combination Tool
      Patricia Y. (Plainwell, MI, US)
      Great tool

      Installation was easy and no complaints at all. Unfortunately, the diverter stick continues to stay down instead of popping back up when I turn off the water. I think your explanation about our very hard well water might be accurate. We will need to remove the diverter monthly and soak it in vinegar to get the crud out. This tool will help take it in and out… but it won’t keep the evil diverter from shocking me with a spray of water across the room when she decides to not return to her proper position!

      K0283 White Brushes
      Patricia Y. (Plainwell, MI, US)
      White brush a winner!

      Tried the white brush after years of only using black. They’re just a tad tougher…perfect when you want to get that fried egg gunk off the spatula! Works great and I don’t have to get out the scrubby cloth from under the sink!

      best faucet set up out there

      I love the dishmaster set up. It is the only one out there that makes it easy to wash dishes - with no mess or fuss. There is not another like it in the market which puts them on the top in my opinion. Thank you for upgrading the design. I had an old one for years - just like my mother and sister before me and I am a grandmother now!!!!

      K0280 Black Brushes
      Richard H. (Walled Lake, MI, US)

      They work great, love your company

      K1041GD Gold Sunburst Imperial Face Plate
      Spencer M. (Raleigh, NC, US)
      Wonderful new facelift to a timeless faucet!

      I purchased the new retro faceplate to add a little more vintage feel to my mid century styled kitchen. I couldn't be happier with the quality and appearance of the faceplate.

      K1089 Union O-ring Seals
      Harold S. (Sioux Center, IA, US)
      Replacement parts

      I appreciated the instructions that were sent along with the replacement parts. So far they have corrected the leak.

      K0076 M76 Tune-up Kit
      John L. (Detroit, MI, US)
      Old school

      Good package

      K0280 Black Brushes
      Pamela H. (New Bedford, MA, US)
      Love Dishmasters!

      Everything about these company’s products!

      K2305 Valve Seal and Cam
      Lynda C. (Panorama City, CA, US)

      As a 3rd generation Dishmaster user, it's never been easier to troubleshoot and repair. No more dripping and the lever handle glides easier after part replacement.

      P4020 Mixer Cartridge
      Jim R. (Glendale, CA, US)
      65 years of use

      I grew up using dishmaster had my grandmother's house. So when I bought my house 35 years ago the first thing I did was install a dishmaster faucet and I've been using them ever since. Easy to get parts easy to service.

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Devon (Houston, TX, US)

      Loving our new faucet! It was part of an update we did on our kitchen and customer service was very prompt in responding to my questions. The wand is a particularly cool feature. My contractor and the guy who installed our new dishwasher both commented on how amazing it looks haha

      K1077 Hot and Cold Valve Stem Set
      Edward S. (Redondo Beach, CA, US)

      Directions were simple and straightforward

      New dishmaster

      I am waiting for my new countertop to be installed and new sink. My new dishmaster will be installed at that time. This will be my 6 or 7th dishmaster in about 60 years. Cat wait till I amble to use my new one.

      PA2018 Detergent Tank Assembly
      David G. (San Diego, CA, US)
      Exactly what I needed.

      I was worried that when the original detergent tank cracked that I would be unable to find a replacement. Not only was I able to find and order one, I had it within a couple of days and it fit perfectly.

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Mary D. (Huntington Beach, CA, US)
      Dishmaster M76 - Just Perfect

      I ordered this item for my father who is 90 years old and he didn't want any other faucet installed but this one. He enjoys the fact that the brush squirts soap out each time he uses it and has used his older one for over 40 years. He wanted the same faucet again. Thank goodness it was still available.

      K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends
      John V. (Temple City, CA, US)
      very good

      Chris did a fine job diagnosing my problem, it works fine now

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Victor S. (Santa Rosa, CA, US)

      I remember my dad bought one of those in the late 60s he’s had two of them. I installed a new one I got from you guys I love it. I talked to two different people at your company and it’s a real pleasure talking to someone that really nice over the phone. Thanks again Vic

      Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
      Stephen B. (Bedford, IN, US)
      50 years

      Have always had dishmasters in my home. Love them!!!! So much better than using dirty water.

      K0282 Orange Brushes
      Susan B. (Neotsu, OR, US)

      Don’t understand why anyone would have any other faucet.



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