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    Based on 250 reviews
    Diverter Assembly replacement

    Parts and replacement worked great! Fixed the problem right away. Only complaint is the shipping took 7 days instead of the 2 to 3 as stated when ordering.

    We apologize for the slow delivery. The package lingered in two different postal locations for a total of three days. USPS says 1st Class to your location is 3-days, but, 1st Class is not a guaranteed service and if a location is especially busy 1st Class packages will be ignored. We have, once again, contacted USPS regarding better accuracy in their delivery times.

    I love my Dishmaster, so much so that the family named it MR. Sudsy. I was so glad to find I could get parts to repair it. Works and looks like new again, I am so pleased.

    Replacement of Long Hose and Wand Assembly

    The replacement hose was easy to find on your website. It came right away in the mail. The directions were clear and easy to follow to install the new hose and wand. Simple.


    I just got my new 1950’s style Dishmaster faceplate and I love it! I couldn’t be more pleased with it, very nice looking and well made. Now my Dishmaster looks just like the one my Grandma had when I was a kid. Thanks again, Dishmaster for making these available!

    Only Dishmaster for me!!!

    This is my 4th Dishmaster faucet in more than 50 years and for sure I wouldn't what any other faucet. My previous Dishmaster still works just fine. They really don't stop working as you can buy parts and do your own repairs. I just wanted to have the arch as the straight arm gets in the way when we wash large pots. Thanks for making such a great product.


    Have not installed yet

    Dishmaster faucet

    As with all Dishmaster products, this one is attractive in my kitchen, works like a dream, and the Dishmaster service is the best. Many thanks.

    Best brushes

    These brushes are the best for pots and pans. Very Durable! Excellent company service and quick shipping.

    easy to replace

    Was having trouble with my 14 year old valve, partly due to a servicing error by me. Bought a new one, easy peasy, back to normal. This company is very helpful if you call or email, they stand by their product and patiently assist homeowners.

    Love my dishmaster

    My mom had a Dishmaster as I was growing up and I wouldn’t do dishes without one! I bought this one for my married daughter and her family of 6. So glad we can now get a faucet that is updated and not retro! Thank you thank you Dishmaster

    Great service

    Great service

    Dishmaster Sapphire Low Arc Faucet

    I love the look of this dishmaster. The older versions looked too retro for me. This one has a nice up-to-date sleek look. My husband installed it and said it was easy enough (of course what's easy for him is hard for others). The only reason I did not give it five stars was because it leaked from some valve. I guess this is an issue. We had to call the company and get a replacement part. With that said, the company responded immediately, and we received the part within a week. Very good customer service. So, I do love this one so far and feel you can't go wrong ordering it. I have had Dishmasters for years, and I am happy they have upgraded to a new, sleek design.


    excellent service

    Great Product my wife is happy

    My wife has used this model since she was in high school. She will not consider any other faucet in her kitchen. I will not say how old she is, but she collects social security. A long time customer.

    Tried & True!

    The Dishmaster Imperial Four replaced our same product that's provided YEARS of outstanding service. It was just time... Do yourself a favor, and try it! You'll never go back to plain faucets.

    Good service

    Ordered a replacement hose which arrived in three days.
    We've used Dishmaster since 1963.

    Whats Not to Like?

    The white brushes arrived promptly, have not stained, and depending on the dishwasher, work just fine.

    Great product

    Been using a Dishmaster faucet all my life. Couldn't live without it.

    My sixth Dishmaster

    Major improvements over all the past models I've had.
    Suggest you improve hot and cold valve to eliminate an awkward feeling when turning on and off and moving to the back for hot water.

    Your Sapphire faucet can be installed in any orientation. If the handle is not comfortable for you in it's present location, loosen the two screws in the mounting tube nut, loosen the nut and then rotate the handle to a more preferable location. Once in the new orientation, re-tighten the ring and then the two screws.
    Love it!

    It’s perfect:)

    Great service!

    Love my Dishmaster and the service is great. My Mom purchased one in the 50"s!! After I got married; our first Christmas I received one from my Mom and have had one ever since. When we ever moved; the family knew that I would not cook until my Dishmaster was installed. It was always installed before we moved in!

    Couldn't live without it!

    I've had dishmaster faucets my entire life - I even installed my own when I lived in a rental in college. I currently live in small house with no room for a dishwasher, so the dishmaster faucet is a must!


    P3006 Silicone Grease

    Love these!

    The orange brush lasts for almost 2 years. Black brush - about a year. Just got a new set including white brush and green. White is our new favorite, but all four have theif place. I’d recommend getting the 4-pk. when replacing


    I would like for you to come up with something that keeps the brush tubing from catching on the valves or anything else under the sink.


    P1283 Flange Nut


    Instructions need to be more detailed, maybe pictures.

    have not had it installed yet

    Had this in the past and love it as you can wash all of the non stick pans with the
    soapy water from the wand with brush and hands stay dry.


    K0280 Black Brushes

    no more leaks

    great! they arrived quickly and were attached easily. thank you

    I love my dish master!

    Please keep making them forever

    Great! but...

    I really like the Sapphire. I had to get used to the high pressure and the adjustment on the valve. I have only one complaint which may be a warning to others. The escutcheon at the bottom wasn't tightened enough so the faucet would turn on the base. We had to take the faucet off and tighten it before re-installing it.

    Good Service

    I received the part I ordered in a timely manner.

    Retro Ready

    LOVE this faucet! I put it into my retro camper and it looks amazing. So glad I found this.


    I love Dishmaster’s, have owned them all my life. My last one never worked properly. Water would come out both wand and spigot, and my water pressure is very very good. And, the top pull wouldn’t go down once it was pulled for the wand which would spray all over once the water was turned back on. I ordered this part to fix that, it worked for about 5 days, and is back to doing the same thing. I am very disappointed. I emailed you two times after my purchase, but never got an answer. I think I got a dud because my other Dishmasters were great and still working, just replaced them for newer look. ☹️

    We are sorry you did not hear back from us but we have no record of having received your emails. We do our best to reply to every email and every message. Please view the email we have since sent to you addressing your issues and, if you require additional assistance, call us toll-free at 800-521-9234.
    A Satisfied Customer

    I always appreciate the quick and efficient service I receive from Dishmaster. Thanks too for the informative videos. They are helpful indeed.

    Dishmaster order.

    Excellent customer service. A person answered on first ring. Easy to put together.

    Always the best

    I have always loved my Dishmaster and this one is no exception. How do people live without one?


    Good service. I will return when I need a replacement part. More convince than going to different stores to find parts.

    Easy Conversion

    Very easy install to the MK model.


    We always love our Dishmaster! This one is awesome!

    Good news for dishwashing

    The Dishmaster Faucet is a wonder! It sprays water and if you need it -soap.
    This is much better than grandmas "Dishmop" . We love it!

    Review of Dishmaster faucet

    I have used Dishmasters for years. My father was a plumber in the
    60s and installed thousands of them in California. My wife uses hers
    with fondness and love. But Home Depot and Lowes do not carry them
    in stock here in the Northeast. Why not?

    Just what it should be

    Age and a lot of "Pot Walloping" and the Spray tube just fell apart.
    Ordering a new one was quick and easy.
    Arrived in a couple of days.
    A pair of pliers and 15 mins to replace and ma ma still believes I can fix anything. Thanks Dish Master we won't tell her any different will we.?

    Replacing Hose and Wand Assembly on my Dishmaster Faucet

    The directions were clear and it took me about 20 minutes to make the switch.

    I will never have a different brand of faucet!

    We had the previous dish master faucet in my kitchen for probably at least 30 years. It was not a hard decision when it came time to replace it. Honestly if I had the time, I probably would’ve just gotten replacement parts to fix the one we had. But the new models are so attractive, while at the same time having the functionality of the Soapy wand.
    Thank you dish Master!


    Need small brush to clean out soap despencer tube .


    Excellent and super quick service!


    It works as it should. I did ask if omit came with the brush attachment; I was told it did. It did not come with the brush attachment!

    We are sorry for the misunderstanding. One of the components of the spray tube assembly is the brush adapter that the brush 'attaches' to.

    K1078 Hot Water Valve Assembly

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