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    Based on 522 reviews
    time of recieving orde

    excellent responce

    Great Service

    The repair kit worked perfectly and it was shipped and delivered in 2 days, as estimated. Thanks.

    Very Happy!

    This product was easy to install and works as I expected. I am really happy with the Dishmaster Faucet. It is perfect for a small kitchen solution!

    K0282 Orange Brushes

    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome

    60 year customer

    Quality faucet. Satisfied customer for over 60 years.

    A Kitchen Classic

    We have used the Dishmaster in our homes for 50 years and will keep on using them. Great product!

    Great service as usual

    ordered white brushes, received in no time or received with in a few day Thanks again

    It was what I ordered and it arrived when it was suppose to. Thanks a lot!

    Lever handle

    Works great

    K0280 Black Brushes

    Dishmaster soap

    I love my Dishmaster and always use the Dishmaster soap.

    P4020 Mixer Cartridge

    repair parts order

    Fast, accurate delivery of parts. Thanks, Guy

    There is a reason it's not five stars

    I ordered the liquid and have more than once. I have had a dishmaster for years and let's just say they don't make them like they used to, nut we love the look and so we are on the hook. The soap works and is the only soap you can use on these units, however the price plus shipping is a bit much. I would be very helpful to offer free shipping.

    Dishmaster Liquid Detergent Concentrate is NOT the only detergent you can use in your Dishmaster Faucet. Per the instructions on our website at: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/dishmaster-accessories/products/k0901-detergent-concentrate 'Your Dishmaster Faucet is designed to use liquid detergents. Do not attempt to use soaps or soap powders. We recommend Dishmaster® Liquid Detergent Concentrate. It has been specifically formulated for use in your Dishmaster. It has no phosphates, no enzymes, no citrus additives, no lotions. Other name brand liquid detergents may also work in your Dishmaster. Do not use detergents with lotion additives. Avoid detergents that appear cloudy or opaque rather than clear. Do not use detergents with real citrus additives as they may cause premature deterioration of rubber and metal components.' Regarding the cost of shipping; each bottle weighs over 2 pounds. The only way to reduce cost of shipping is to order multiple bottles.
    Long time user (of Dishmaster, that is)

    We bought our first Dishmaster as newly-weds when we couldn’t afford a dishwasher. Our 55th Anniversary is this week. After we bought our first dishwasher we couldn’t part with our Dishmaster. That was many models ago and they all performed reliably. Couldn’t ask for a better product and the latest model takes the cake.

    Sapphire high arc faucet

    I love how high the faucet is compared to my old Dishmaster. I can fit a large soup pot under it with no problems. I also like how the brush automatically shuts off when I shut off the water.


    As usual, quick shipping and good installation directions.

    Mounting extension kit

    It worked exactly as I was told. My wife has been using a Dishmaster for more than 65 years and will not have a kitchen without one.


    I wish we had ordered these sooner, They last so long we didn't really notice how worn they were. We appreciate your company and a place to order them since we do not have any parts or service here. Thank you so much for your quick service.

    Thanks DishMaster

    Thank again DishMaster for the parts great service

    Positive experience

    As usual a fast, easy, quality purchase.

    Roger gave excellent service.

    Roger was very helpful with my needs and order, even giving me a price on a whole new unit. The parts were ordered on Friday and arrived on the following Monday. My plumber, who is the only one in town to work on Dishmasters and has very loyal owners, installed the new parts in about 20 minutes.

    K1235 Long Hose and Wand Assembly

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