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    Based on 600 reviews

    K1078 Hot Water Valve Assembly

    Greatest Kitchen Tool Ever.

    Everyone in my family has a DishMaster. They have seen mine and loved it so much they bought one too. This is by far the best kitchen tool yet. I cook dinner for my elderly Mother and find that dishMastering the dishes as I go makes final clean-up a breeze. No kitchen should be without one. I am moving to a new house and the DishMaster was the first thing to buy for it. At this point, I do not think I could live without a DishMaster.

    Prompt delivery

    Delighted to promptly receive the replacement brushes for our dishmaster.

    Great product!!

    The best hands down product around!!! I love the wand feature and so easy to wash dishes before u put in dishwasher.
    My parents had this in our home growing up and I finally put one in my home. One word “ Life saver”!!!


    I love my dish master. It makes things go a lot smoother in the kitchen.

    S2310 Valve Repair Kit with Tool

    K1078 Hot Water Valve Assembly

    Hole Cover for sink

    I got a nickle plated cover for the hole left by removing my hand soap dispenser. The matching dispenser never worked right so I decided to just get rid of it, needed to cover the hole.

    Just what I was looking for.

    We've used a Dishmaster for many years. I believe that the current model is the "Imperial" but I may be wrong. Unfortunately, none of our local hardware stores carry the soap any more. I tried using regular liquid dish soap, but it just didn't work right. I was delighted to find the soap on line.

    Didn't have a 2.5mm allen wrench at home

    I would have thought i had a 2.5mm allen wrench in my pile of allen wrenches. Think again. I didn't. Install of diverter is much easier with the right size allen wrench. Glad I bought this when I bought the new P4030 diverter.

    Black Brushes are the best.

    Use the black brush 99.9% of the time. If you need the orange, just put the pan on the counter and fill it with water from the wand, until the black brush works.

    rubber stopper

    These will work just fine if I ever need to use them

    S0285 Brush Assortment

    Sadly, your website showed the aluminum (silver) version and no other choices, so I assumed I wou...

    so as to display what is actually in stock Fortunately, my customer was happy enough with bronze on chrome surround. WHEW!. Personally, your kitchen faucets are of a VERY superior design, and I've been inside of THOUSANDS to learn what's good and what isn't. Keep up the great work.

    The color of the face plate can appear differently on different screens and in different lighting. The face plate we offer today is from 'original stock' left over after Solaric production was discontinued.
    Love my dishmaster!

    Love my dishmaster! I would not have a home without one.


    This was a replacement for an old M76 that was worn out. We've had many Dishmasters over the years. we are very happy.

    Didn't have to get rid of the faucet.

    Had a drip that got worse and worse husband tried to fix it. Had to turn off the hot water under the sink. Got the part got my hot water back without the drip(water not husband still have him).

    this one replaces an older one, plus years. I miss the rubber stopper that is used to clear the soap dispenser tubing. Still a great product.

    Although not required to properly back flush your faucet, the rubber stopper is available: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/tools/products/dishmaster-faucet-p0619-back-flush-plug

    all ok no problems

    sprays me

    all good problem fixed

    Rapid service

    Replaced 10 year old faucet
    Working great

    timely arrival

    just as I expected.

    A real master faucet...

    I'm completely satisfied with your service. Thank you very much.

    Valve stem bushings

    Excellent service online. Order website worked very well.

    product arrived final on the schedule day.

    My family and I have been installing dishmaster's products as home builders since
    you first introduced produced in early 50's of late 40's. I like the new product valve and hoop neck style.

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