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      Customer Reviews

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      New Wand & Hose

      The soap button stopped working on our original (10 year at least) wand. The replacement was received when promised and came with simple easy to follow instructions. wish our other devices were as easy to repair.

      Dishmaster Imperial 4 Faucet

      The new, 8 Inch Straight Faucet replaced the corroded and wobbly faucet with stuck diverter valve in my older Dishmaster Imperial Four perfectly. It looks great and restores full operation to the Imperial Four.

      5 stars - I love Dishmaster's - you can always order replacement parts, they come quickly and are easy to install. The directions are clear and concise. I grew up using them and prefer my Dishmaster to a dishwasher!


      Works great and gives cleaning options not available with ordinary faucets.

      Plug is essential for your Dishmaster

      This is the best small investment you can make to keep your Dishmaster wand and soap tank healthy. This lets you backflush the hose from the wand to the tank. You can even fill the tank this way. (don't overfill the tank, however).
      The shipping is always fast. This is my 3rd house with a Dishmaster, my parents had 3 houses with them, and my grandmother had them from the fifties! When my daughter became engaged one of the first things she asked me was "now do I get a Dishmaster?" The answer was "Yes!"

      Black faceplate is like jewelry!

      I ordered the black faceplate for the chrome Dishmaster. I have owned Dishmasters for 42 years and always repaired them but decided I would like a new one. The quality of Dishmaster is amazing. Thank you for the choice of the black faceplate. It really dressed up my kitchen. The chrome is beautiful and the gold details on the black is elegant. Never thought my kitchen could look so good!

      Great product. great service.

      Over the decades we have had seven or eight Dishmasters and love them. Got the valve renewal kit for the one at our cottage because after twenty plus years it started to leak. Replaced the valve and it now works smoother than it did when it was new. The unit we are using at home had a sticky diverter which was a bit unhandy when turning on the faucet with the brush pointed at the operator. After trying WD-40 (which did not work and then reading the on line help) we ordered the plumber's silicone which worked great. Love you guys.

      Love our dish master! Glad it is so easy to repair and that we can still get parts! Thanks! Aloha

      Dish master is the best

      The new brushes work great. It was past time to replace my old brushes.

      Requires coordination

      I just didn't have the dexterity to keep the spring down while fitting in the hooks. But I ended up buying the whole handle and it works great. Thanks.

      Great customer service


      I ordered a replacement set of deck union washers and seals for my M76 Imperial Four. Order and Delivery was quick and easy. The installation itself, was easy and straight forward.
      Dishmaster has been in my family as long as I can remember. My parents had an Imperial M59. Many of my friends see it and end up purchasing one.

      Awesome five stars

      Made my faucet run like new.

      Happy your still making Faucets and Parts

      I have used Dishmaster since the 1970's and have repaired it many times. Love the product and will keep it in use for years to come.
      This time just replaced the stem set and I'm back in business.

      Parts received

      Chris sent the parts in record time. My neighbor was able to install them and stopped the leaking we had had for several weeks.
      I am grateful for the assistance he and Sarah have given me to stop the leaks, saving me from buying a new Dishmaster when mine is still in good condition. I will be replacing this one when the time comes. This is my third one since we moved in our home 57 years ago. I’m delighted that the previous owners had one in the house or we may have never known about them.

      Not worth the money

      This is a bad design. The chromed plastic is constantly covered in water stains. The open back allows all kinds of garbage to accumulate with no way to clean unless the the faucet is uninstalled. The strayer only works if the water is on and the pressure is strong enough so it takes two hands!
      I am so sorry I wasted my money on this!! Do not buy it.

      No matter the underlying surface material, chrome is chrome. If the water is leaving stains, it is a result of whatever is in the water being left behind after the water evaporates, usually lime.
      Not sure how garbage is getting in the back of your faucet. An optional backplate is available but usually only recommended for island or peninsula installations. The faucet does not have to be uninstalled to access the inside. See this video:
      The water does have to be on in order to come out of the sprayer. If the pressure is too high, simply reduce the flow by adjusting the hot/cold knobs to a lower setting.

      Convenient to use

      This a replacement for my old dishmaster. I was sad my old one died. Looking forward to many great years with this new one.

      Great scrubber

      These brushes are great for their extra scrubbing power.

      excellent service

      I was very pleased with the response and quick and courteous service. If I need anything else I will not hesitate to use then again! Thank you again for the excellent service.

      Works well.

      P2035 Lever Handle with Screw and Insert

      Replacement worked perfectly and shipping was faster than I expected.
      Happy to know I can get parts for my Dishmaster.
      Happy customer.

      Great product

      I love my new dishmaster. Works great!

      Added Feature

      Itt is one of the best swivel aerators out there


      Exactly what we needed and easy to install.



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