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    Based on 400 reviews
    Great product and always has parts

    We needed a new sprayer handle because the old one was worn out. We replaced it with the new part and now it's like new again.

    Love the faucet

    Just wish the handles were just a bit longer. Other than that the faucet is GREAT!! Easy to installl. I would recommend to everyone!!!

    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome

    In our Family for 65 Years

    I am 71 years old and cannot remember a time we didn’t have a Dishmaster. I knew I was destined to marry my husband because his family also had a Dishmaster. We know how to take them apart, reassemble, replace parts and clean the soap dish. You name it, we’ve done it. Over our fifty years of marriage we have installed at lease 15 Dishmasters including those in our son and daughter’s homes. You can’t wash baby bottles without a Dishmaster. We would also be lost at our summer cabin if we didn’t have a Dishmaster as there is no room for a dishwasher. Thank you for continuing to make this wonderful machine available.

    Greatest Device Ever!

    I love my Dishmaster’s!!! I have these on all kitchen sinks.

    more than 60 years

    My parents had a Dishmaster when I was growing up, and it's the only way I ever learned to do dishes. This latest model is lovely--I love the white instead of chrome!

    Diverter cartridge replacement

    The big issue was getting the retainer bracket tight enough and aligning the cartridge correctly. The 2 indents on the retainer are worthless for getting the retainer tight enough. No tool provided, but I had one in my parts stock. I had to use channel locks to get the retainer tight enough to stop almost all drips- I still have an odd one.
    There should be a mark on the housing and the cartridge to insure proper alignment as it was a pain to figure out the alignment.

    Back to normal

    Replaced hot and cold water valves. Very easy to replace. The faucet works great now and the wife is happy so I'm happy. Great job!

    Dishmaster M70CPHA Sapphire High Arc, Chrome


    I was reluctant to buy a Dishmaster as the only one I'd used was as temperamental as a British sports car. But my partner loves them, so I caved but bought one of the new designs with ceramic valve seats, etc. to minimize maintenance.


    Leaked when I got it, ordered new parts. Good for a couple of weeks, then the sprayer sometimes didn't turn off all the way, so the user sprayed water somewhere- on the window, counter, self. Now it's leaking again, just like the first time. Spent nearly $300 for this thing in July, nothing but trouble. Just like the Detroit Lions; new and improved design, same disappointing performance. Now I'll be emailing again, asking for more parts so I can waste more time trying to get a FAUCET to function correctly.

    We're sorry you're having trouble with your faucet. Based on the information provided, we suspect your water pressure may be toward the high side. We're sending a cartridge that is more compatible with higher water pressure.

    Great product & great service, wound not want to be without one.

    Great service

    The phone man really helped me out and get me the right product. I have had dishmasters over 30 years and have always had great service when necessary.
    Because of Dishmaster we got rid of the space consuming dishwasher when remodeling kitchen. THANK YOU!

    P2018 Detergent Tank

    P0938 Diverter Knob

    Problem solver

    Instructions were great for a 97 year old man

    Replacement Spout

    Excellent customer service from Roger! Quick turnaround on no-cost replacement spout. Installation instructions were simple. Swap out went super quick and the entire assembly worked perfectly. I have used Dishmaster products since the early 60s (Nana’s House). I can’t imagine washing dishes any other way. The best part is the fact that Dishmaster has continued to improve their design(s) while providing updated, stylish alternatives.

    Thank you Dishmaster!!!

    This is my 3rd Dishmaster faucet in 50 years. As usual, this one is a gem. I have very hard water which is probably I have had to replace my faucet. This one works like a charm and was so easy to install. I am delighted.

    Dishmaster 2000

    All is grand in Caseyland! We have had a Dishmaster in our kitchen for 50 years .. wouldn’t use anything else ...


    It was easy to install the diverter kit and it fixed the problem completely. Works like new. Thanks again for the great customer service.


    I am pleased. My family always had a dishmaster when I was growing up. We all loved it. This one is not quite the quality they use to be but I am happy with it so far.

    Dishmaster is the best

    I've been using Dishmaster products for more than 30 years. They are genius in their design. Their technical support is unsurpassed. I can't recommend them highly enough.

    Absolutely Adorable

    This kitchen sink faucet is absolutely adorable! I was extremely impressed that the Dishmaster folks took the time to phone me to inquire about my address to make sure it would arrive to the proper destination. In my books, this is excellent customer service! One rubber washer was missing, but it proved to be no great problem as my husband purchased it from our local hardware store. We have received many compliments from family and friends on this faucet, as it is one of a kind here, so hopefully more people in Nova Scotia, Canada will purchase a Dishmaster faucet!


    Thank you for an excellent video about extracting, cleaning and replacing the diverter assembly of the M76 model. After watching, it was a piece of cake!

    Very nice

    Wish it could be a lefty tho

    Thank you for the 5 star review Patsy! You can turn the M76 Imperial Four into a lefty by adding the K1267 Left Hand Adapter found here https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/m76-imperial-four-accessories/products/k1267-left-hand-adapter?variant=9680102533
    Great Service

    As in the past, the replacement parts that I ordered for my Dishmaster system arrived quickly, were easy to install, and worked great!

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