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Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
Nancy M. (Saluda, NC, US)

This faucet is very nice. It operates smoother than any faucet I’ve ever used. That may not be something you original look for in a faucet but once you use it you will notice and won’t be able to settle for anything else. The quality is very good. The brush and soap dispenser work well. It was also very easy to install. I had never installed a faucet before but with my husband telling me how to do it I was able to switch out our faucet in about half an hour. I highly recommend.

Way to go Nancy!

K2000 M2000 Tune-up Kit
Michael M. (San Diego, CA, US)
M2000 Rebuild Kit - DIY Install

Directions were clear and straight forward. The best part about servicing this model as the unit doesn't need to be removed from the sink! The rotating ball valve assembly takes some work to install the new seals but the rest is quite simple.. Just make sure the unit is thoroughly cleaned with CLR and there's no calcium build up.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Jim W. (Santa Fe, NM, US)

Extremely well built, easy to maintain, glad you are staying in business

K104187 Solaric Face Plate
Devin W. (Port Ludlow, WA, US)
Exactly what I needed.

I will never be without a Dishmaster in my kitchen, excellent product, cheers!

P4020 Mixer Cartridge
Mary K. (Panorama City, CA, US)
Works like new

Changed both the diverter and mixing cartridges. We live in Mexico and our cistern water pump got dirt in it so it contaminated the Dishmaster. Easy change out procedure and now it’s perfect.

PJ2017 Vent Tube
Betty R. (Sterling Heights, MI, US)

The part was exactly what I needed. Up and running like it should.

K2285 Mounting Extension Kit
Vallen B. (Anacortes, WA, US)
I best product on the market

OK here's the deal, One of the things that I found was difficult was when the countertop people installed the countertop I did not ask them to drill a larger hole to accommodate the fittings on the end of your unit. I should have measured the combined fittings dimensions before they drilled the hole.Given that I ended up disassembling part of the hose and section unit for the soap dispenser in order to pre-assemble the unit for installation. I still had to reach way up behind the new sink with an extension tool up behind the sink to make the final connection. That connection was really no big deal but if I hadn't had the experience that I do and knowing how to use the correct tool it could have leaked and been and major problem for someone who has never done this kind of thing before. I think that if your buyers knew that they should ask for a larger diameter hole in their countertops to accommodate your fittings would be beneficial. Again this is just my opinion.

All Dishmaster faucets fit what was at one time a standard hole size of 1-3/8 inch. Now that custom countertops have become so prevalent it is important to communicate with the countertop manufacturer in advance. The specifications for all Dishmaster faucets are available online and are also on the faucet packaging. We are sorry your top provider did not have that information in advance but don't know what more we could have done about it.

K31088 Diverter Assembly
ALAN J.S. (Simi Valley, CA, US)

The replacement is much better than the original part

Long time user of dishmasters

I have been using a dish master for 60+ years and won’t have any other kitchen faucet! Love the convenience of being able to wash my dishes and pots/pans with soap and water!! No sponges or scouring pads needed!!

K0076 M76 Tune-up Kit
Steve B. (Truth or Consequences, NM, US)

K0076 M76 Tune-up Kit

K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly
MerlT (Sterling Heights, MI, US)
Hose and wand assembly

I was really pleased on how quickly my order was processed. And everything I ordered was shipped an functioned properly.

K1077 Hot and Cold Valve Stem Set
Russells' P. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

easy to order on line

K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit
Newell B. (Seattle, WA, US)
The kit did the job.

Delivery was fast and efficient. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.
Yay Dishmaster!

K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit
Bette H. (El Cajon, CA, US)
Dishmaster is the Best!

I ordered a new unit then noticed the repair kit looked like something that I might be able to use on my old one. Dishmaster honored the warranty on my old one without any paperwork! They sent the repair kit with my new one & I was able to get my old one working good as new. I will save the new one for a later install. The Dishmaster people have a great product & are great people to work with. Thank you, Thank you!

K1273 Large Tank Conversion Kit for M76 Deck Mount
Michael H. (Martins Ferry, OH, US)


K0601CP Cover Assembly, Chrome
Eric G. (Oakland, CA, US)
Excellent Refurbish for The Best Sink Faucet Ever

This kit does everything except giv you the Dishmaster decal. It is a perfect kit to make your great product look great.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Bette H. (El Cajon, CA, US)
Dishmaster is the Best!

Have used this product going back years & years. Wouldn't be without it. The people at Dishmaster not only filled my order quickly but also sent me the parts I needed to repair the current one I had under warranty, no questions asked. I was able to repair my current Dishmaster & it is working fine & will keep the new one I ordered in reserve for when needed. Thank You!!!

PJ2017 Vent Tube
Stephen M. (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, US)
Works well

Works well.

Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
HP H. (Fayetteville, NC, US)
Works well for us

Installation instructions were clear. This is the 3rd Dishmaster I've acquired and installed across the years; we like its functionality and hope it will last a long time.

K1233 Spray Tube Assembly
Ivan H. (Naubinway, MI, US)
Spray tube assembly

Timely arrival. Part fits perfectly.

K31088 Diverter Assembly
George C. (Laguna Beach, CA, US)

K31088 Diverter Assembly

P88693 Silicone Grease
Stuart B. (Columbus, OH, US)
Silicone Grease Review.

The grease works great. I put a few drops on the diverter lever and it has stopped sticking!

K1235 Long Hose and Wand Assembly
Merlene K. (Long Beach, CA, US)
Cleaning hose

Back in working order

K2310 Valve Repair Kit with Tool
Dean C. (Papillion, NE, US)

didn't even get the parts installed until about Aug 7. All went well. would like to have a little more direction on what should receive the lubrication. I had to hunt the instruction somewhere in the overall instructions. Otherwise it all works great.

Which parts should receive lubrication is addressed at the beginning of the instructions: 'Apply NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to all rubber parts and threads, especially retaining cap threads, before reassembly.'

K2018 Detergent Tank
Stuart B. (Columbus, OH, US)
Dishmaster 2000 Tank Review.

It works great! I love my Dishmaster.