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K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly
Herb E. (Monterey, CA, US)
wand replacement

Thank you for your speedy delivery of the new wand assembly.
Instructions were concise and there was no problem switching
wands. All functions work flawlessly, and there are no leaks.

Dishmaster M70CPLA Sapphire Low Arc, Chrome
Linda H. (Mocksville, NC, US)
New Faucet

My M2000 faucet was damaged while I was trying to loosen it from the sink. Repairing it was possible but would create a weakened area at the repair site. I decided to replace it, with an M70 Sapphire. Anytime I call about issues concerning my faucets over the past 40yrs the team at the company has been very helpful and pleasant to talk to. They are always patient and willing to answer any questions I have had. I also believe their products to be of the best quality. I highly recommend this company and their products.

K31230 Valve Seats and Union O-rings
Rene S. (Belleville, MI, US)

Everything seems to be working perfectly. OUTSTANDING customer service!
Videos are a great asset.

K0672CP Valve Handles with Screws, Chrome
Christopher R. (Chula Vista, CA, US)
Dishmaster Parts

Parts were received in timely order which restored my faucet to mint condition!

Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
Phyllis (La Crosse, WI, US)

I have had the dishmaster most of my life.
Grew up with one, put one in when wr bought our house. Had to replace it. Glad to be able to.. Love it.

K31088 Diverter Assembly
George C. (Laguna Beach, CA, US)

You guys are great. I got just what I ordered and it works fine now. Keep it up.

K1191 Deck Union Assembly
Dave S. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

As always since first purchasing the unit in the 1980’s and rebuilding the units and parts are well built.

Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
Ricky O. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
Glad to have one back.

a few years back we had our counter tops and sink replaced. The installers were not kind to our Dishmaster and they had replaced it with another brand of fixture and we went through 2 of those in 12 years. So glad when we finally picked up a new Dishmaster 2000 to replace it.

SA2020R7 - 4" higher
Tom (Gladstone, MI, US)
It did the Job

Needed the faucet to be higher up to allow for larger items in the sink during the clean cycle. And this fit the bill.

Goes great in our kitchen. Works wonderful.

K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends
Robin S. (San Diego, CA, US)
K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends

Dishmaster has their act together!. These replacement valve seals are easy to replace, just pop them on the stems. Overall the Dishmaster is an excellent product. I've had them in all my homes for over 50 years. It is so much more efficient than a dishwasher, I can have the dishes washed far faster than a dishwasher could ever do. No redo's either (unless you don't know how to use a brush with soap and water). I honestly don't understand why all households don't have one!

K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends
Michele W. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends

PA2018 Detergent Tank Assembly
Larry W. (Crystal Lake, IL, US)

My family has been using dishmasters since 1955. I have always had one and think they are great. The current one is the m70bnha and my only complaint is the diverter sticks. I replaced the valve once but it still sticks. New tank works great.

Our records indicate you have an M65SHA Sapphire purchased in 2017. We recommend you replace the diverter cartridge with the new P4030-7 cartridge. If a new diverter knob is required, we will provide one at no charge. Please see details at this link:

Beautiful Addition to Kitchen

I love dishmaster products and have used them my entire adult life. They are stylish while being very functional. They are well made and add an element of class to any kitchen.

K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit
H B. (Mission Viejo, CA, US)
Tiny spring went flying

I would like to buy a few springs as the one that came with the kit went flying and disappeared. I don't see anywhere I can just order the springs, I have to order the whole set. I didn't even need the other parts just a SPRING.

You can get just the spring. Contact us for a P0297.
For future reference: the K0292 Venturi Assembly is only $5 more than the K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit and all the parts are already pre-assembled. No messing around with the spring required.

K1193 Deck Union Assembly
Kathryn C. (Hesperia, CA, US)

It was easy to install and is working fine.

K1083 Imperial Four Face Plate
Michael F. (Detroit, MI, US)
K1083 Imperial Four Face Plate & K0858 Torque free valve ends

Both items arrived fairly quickly. Was able to replace the Face Plate and the Valve Ends with out much trouble. Dishmaster no longer leaks and the Mother-in-Law is very happy!!

Anybody who has a kitchen should have this on their sink!

Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
Lynda R. (Vestal, NY, US)

Not installed yet. Kitchen update is pending. Thank you!

K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends
Henry M. (San Antonio, TX, US)

My Dishmaster dripped for only two weeks, so I am surprised that a new valve end didn't fix it. I have had to overtighten the hot water severely. The seat has no blemishes and I can[t remove it because it has no Allen wrench socket. I don't expect it to last very long.

Based on your description there is a strong possibility that the valve seat is the problem and should be replaced. The fact that your valve seat does not have a hex shaped hole to accommodate a hex key is an indicator that you have a fairly old faucet made prior to the hex update. Your seats have slots to accept a standard screw driver with approximately 5/16' wide blade.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Diana H. (Boca Raton, FL, US)
Makes life easier

I love my Dishmaster. The support from the company was extremely helpful. It was a very positive experience.

K31230 Valve Seats and Union O-rings
Kevin B. (Santa Barbara, CA, US)
Perfect fit

With helpful advice and info, replacing old seats was easy.

K2310 Valve Repair Kit with Tool
Claudia H. (Chico, CA, US)

Parts OK, glad we can get parts.

K31230 Valve Seats and Union O-rings
Joseph A. (Tustin, CA, US)
Worked like a charm

We called Dishmaster customer service and they helped us order the correct parts and solved the dripping faucet issue we had. New valve ends and seats fixed that up right away and now the faucet works like new again. Great service and very helpful.

Be the Master of Your Dishes

I recently redid my kitchen and upgraded to a single stalk faucet purchased from a national home repair chain. It was pretty, and the design was cool with the sprayer built in the faucet. However, the small plastic pipes that carried the water were no bigger and a straw. So often my water would just trickle. Can you imagine trying to clean your tea pitcher with trickling water. Ugh! I had to figure out what to do. Then I came across the Dishmaster. I think I saw it on a Facebook site that specialized in mid-century stuff. It hit me like lightning. I remembered my best friend from Junior High, Terry, his family had one of these, in the early 70s. Best of all, the water pipes were separate, so they were the size of a dime, as opposed to a straw, so getting a good supply of water was no problem. I found the website, call the company, and they were very helpful. I bought the best one, Imperial in white, installed it myself. I had to do it four times, but it was just because I was not versed in installation. But I knew immediately what I did wrong. I love it. It makes cleaning a breeze. There's also a quality feel about it. the insides are not plastic, they are steel or metal. And of course the styling. It's a style of it's own. Reminds one of their childhood, but it's different, because it adapted with the times. I have shown my new faucet to all of my friends and they are impressed. If I had to offer a suggestion, the installation instructions used a lot of terms I just wasn't familiar with. I couldn't follow it. So I just installed it without consulting all of the individual steps. This caused some anxiety, but it worked out in the end. Perhaps an appendix is necessary to describe what each part is would help, or just note the name of the part where it's on the diagram.