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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 793 reviews
      New hose great

      I ordered the long hose assembly and it’s great. Was very easy to install.

      Good aerator



      fast, correct, just what I needed/ thanks

      Sometimes this one is just right.

      Remember Goldilocks? One porridge was too hot and one was too cold, but the third was just right? Well, sometimes the black is too soft and the orange is too stiff and the white, well it's just right. Well made and high quality, these brushes will last for years of normal use.

      Stiffer and stronger, but just as good

      The standard black brushes are great for almost any use, but sometimes you have an extra crusty, grimy pan that just needs a little more force to get clean. That's where these shine. They are high quality and will last for years and make cleaning that extra hard crud just a little bit easier. When done, slap the black ones back on and keep on cleaning.

      Quality Shows Through

      These brushes last forever it seems, mine last a couple years with normal use, but I finally decided to pick up some new ones since I was ordering a valve assembly anyway. They are well built and sturdy and I may never order more since they last so long. It's impressive to find a product like this that doesn't seem to crumble to dust as soon as you get it home.

      Quick and easy

      We've had this Dishmaster for more years than I can remember. I've replaced the valves in it several times and it's always an easy and quick affair. It's a well designed product that has stood the test of time and we'll be using it for years to come.


      Just what I needed.

      55 years

      I bought my first dish master in 1965. My parents had one when I got married;
      and I knew it was the only way to handle dirty dishes and pans. Continues to be the best way to clean kitchen ware, even if you eventually use a dishwasher. Can’t live without my Dishmaster!

      Love This Faucet

      Had one years ago. Love the new design.

      S0229R7 - 2" longer, 1/2" higher


      Brushes received as promised in new condition. Correct part for the Dishmaster we have. Thank you

      Best product ever

      I have had a dish master this will be the third or fourth time in my life and I think they are the best product ever!


      I have had a dishmaster for 60 years. I love them. I appreciate the fine service given to me by Silverstream, and the wonderful man I spoke to many times, Roger. My Dishmaster is now fixed, and as good as new. Thank you Dishmaster for making my life easier. I love your product!!! Thank you Roger. Happy New year to you all. <3

      Large Capacity Soap Dispenser for Model 70

      First: The service is no nonsense excellent. You know this will be followed by a but: The actual plastic soap container is, in my opinion, too light a gage for its intended use. The first one lasted about four years and then cracked when I was putting it under the sink after the refilling process. The basic product is excellent. I own two houses and have DishMaster in both, would not have a house without one.

      Great Product

      Have had this unit for well over 45 years. Good maintenance does wonders. Really like the new design of the detergent tank.

      Missing vital part

      If you order this be aware that you have to have the insert and seals. You can either remove it from your old one or buy a new one. The instructions don't mention ANYTHING about this vital part! Its not in any of the videos either. I finally figured out why water was coming out both the hose and faucet after I looked inside and realized something was missing. Good thing my husband kept the old one so we could remove it and put it in this new piece. I'm disappointed in dishmaster.

      Unless you order other parts in addition to this assembly, EVERY part from your old faucet must be removed and installed on this assembly. Part instructions are here: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/dishmaster-faucet-m2000-century-parts Other repair assistance is here: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/m2000-century-support
      It's a nut

      We dropped one behind the cabinet and it rolled underneath so we had to get a new one. Ridiculous shipped costs. They should have an option to mail it in an envelope.

      The cost of shipping your order was higher than need be because you chose Priority. Had you chosen the Standard shipping option the cost would have been 60% less.
      Grew up using the dishmaster!

      My family has always loved the dishmaster. I purchased one for myself for my birthday. Now even my youngest children (4 and 7) enjoy doing their own dishes. Since installing our dishmaster, we havent even attempted to use the actual dishwasher! Love it

      Life long Dishmaster user

      My recent order was for an upgrade unit. We have installed a Dismaster in every house we have lived in since 1960. Couldn't live without one! Great quality and great product support.

      K1087 Detergent Tank with Tube and Springs

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