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    Based on 445 reviews
    Great Product

    Very satisfied with M70 and good customer service. Originally had problem with dripping problems from wand handle. Customer service sent me a new valve very promptly and problem solved. I’ve had this unit now for a few years with no further issues. Like this style much better than old original style with plastic bodies.

    Install new one

    Removed old one and replaced with this new one! Even though i am crippled it was easy. Worked great-Thanks



    Looks like new

    The face plate on my 20 year old Imperial Four was showing signs of age but the new face place make it look like new again.

    Sorry that l cannot send a review on the white brushes that l ordered, because l haven't used them yet. I have only used one black brush, and it is SUPERB!!! I am pleased beyond measure with it!

    A few less bristles than a few years ago.

    Best Ever

    My wife & I have been using M76 for many many years. Can't imagine not having one mounted on our sink.

    The aerator fits and works perfectly. Very fast shipping. Great service!

    Great Luck Always with the DishMaster

    I have installed a DishMaster in every house I have owned and in other peoples' homes, too, (total 7). They have always worked very well every time; we wouldn't be without one. We also have a Jenair dishwasher, but we use the D-M more often.

    Prompt, polite, professional, helpful

    Haven't Installed Yet

    I know it will be fine. We have owned Dishmasters for over fifty years. I'll let you know if there is a problem - which I doubt will happen. Waiting for the new sink to be installed.

    I love having new brushes!


    Lifetime... thus far

    I just had to share that I’ve had a dishmaster in my life since I was born !

    ...and I am 60 !
    I have memories as a child with my mothers and my grandmothers Dishmaster have water fights with my big sister ( floors got cleaner too!)
    every home I’ve had ,all three boats that I lived on and currently live on have dish masters! I can’t imagine my life without them on my RVt , boat and of course in anyone’s home
    thank you very much I will continue supporting forever!

    Up and Running

    Our Diahmaster soap hose sprung a leak after 10 years of use. Ordered the wand and hose, fit perfectly, and now we’re up and running again. We love our Dishmaster!

    Excellent postal service and a well designed wall union.

    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome


    Works fine!

    It worked perfectly!

    My old faucet only had a 6” center!

    Great faucet

    The Dishmaster M70 faucet was relatively easy to install and works great. My wife and I like the modern look and the brush with water and soap dispenser is a real time saver.

    Very nice

    installed very easily, I love it


    Solved the problem. Plastic unit was NOT working as it should! Thank you for your prompt replacement. R

    It slowed the leak down but did not stop it. Old O ring was disintergrating when removed. What else could be wrong with the Hot stem? Cold is OK.
    Please reply.


    It may be that the valve seat is the problem. Inspect the seat to see if it is pitted, chipped, cracked, etc. If it is not a smooth surface it should be replaced. Feel free to call our toll-free number for additional assistance. You can see additional information here https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/m76-imperial-four-parts/products/k31230-valve-seats-o-rings
    longterm german customer

    Amazing how fast you reacted when I needed a new Dishmaster

    Outstanding product and customer service. This is our fourth DM and we wouldn't have anything else.

    Great items and faucet

    We love this faucet

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