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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1264 reviews
      Leaky swivel spout

      The o rings did the trick. The silicone grease is a must. Glad I ordered it also.

      The plugs work great!!! Thanks for stocking them. R maiuri

      Love my new Dishmaster!

      My mom had a Dishmaster for many years. I was so pleased that they are still available.
      They are still a high quality product.I use it many times everyday!

      Installing the replacement part of my faucet fixed the problem quickly. I absolutely find my Dishmaster one of the most important parts of my kitchen. If I moved to a different home, I would have a Dishmaster installed in my kitchen immediately! I even purchased one for a friend to put into the new home he was building. WE can use the Dishmaster quickly and do not have to run the dishwasher and waste the water to run it.

      Fixing a leak

      Genuine Dishmaster parts have always fixed my problems, this time is no excey

      nice works good

      have always used the black tried these and they work really good

      Love everything dishmaster

      These brushes last a very long time without losing their effectiveness. Dishmaster is a great product and the customer service is outstanding.

      Completely Awesome!

      Just what I was looking for. I live in a house built in 1956 and my kitchen is too small for a Dishwashing machine. So I got the DishMaster XL. It makes washing dishes way faster, and less water is used.

      Never knew I’d appreciate it so much...

      ...the company, the design, the functionality, the quality, the pride behind it all. Love it all. Had an issue with the diverter knob not staying engaged, and these guys were super quick to send me out a replacement diverter valve, which was super quick and easy to replace. And *presto* it’s working to perfection.

      Would highly recommend this company and their products. This is what ‘made in America’ should feel like.


      This is my 3rd Dishmaster, and by far the most modern. Grew up with the original version in the early 60’s. Requested one for a gift from my parents when I got my own home (over 30 years ago), and now after a kitchen remodel, bought the sapphire. Arrived on time, easy to install, works as expected...and looks fabulous!

      great gadget

      Just as good as the old one I had for 30 years, but better!

      Great handles, classic look

      We bought the Imperial Four because my partner's grandmother had one and she remembered how great the faucet was, unfortunately the longer tap handles didn't work for our space and we could only turn the water on a little ways. The short handles work perfectly, were shipped very quickly (I think we had them 3-4 days after ordering them) and in my opinion look better on the faucet anyway. Totally worth getting.

      love it

      wife really likes it. works great Meant to give it 5 stars the first time, Sorry if I didn't


      I could not be Happier with my new dishmaster faucet!!! I have a original metal kitchen from the 1950s and it fits right in and the quality is outstanding.
      Thank you so much!

      Dish master handles

      Perfect replacement

      I coveted my daughter's dishmaster we installed..... so

      I got my own! I grew up with a Dishmaster faucet in the 60's and when my daughter moved into a small older house that had no room for a dishwasher and she had no garbage disposal, for Christmas we installed a disposal, a new single-bowl sink, and a dishmaster! She really had no idea what it was until it was installed and she is now a convert. She got the high arc sapphire, but we needed a low arc because we have a window ledge that would not allow for a high arc. OR so we thought. Upon installation of the low arc, we could see that the high arc would also have worked and I may just order the high arc replacement.. maybe. I love the dishmaster, and although I have a nice dishwasher, I still do a lot of hand washing. This makes it wayyyyy easier! It is actually a pleasure to wash my dishes and inspires me to get them done in a hurry! I cannot say enough about the dishmaster. It truly makes washing dishes a breeze!

      Awesome product and service

      I've been using a Dishmaster faucet for over 60 years and just love this product Timely service through USPS.

      Great product!

      Cuts washing dishes by hand in half, and looks awesome in the kitchen too!

      Good quick product and web site.

      Dishmaster faucets are quality products.

      I've had this Dishmaster for 33 years. Replacement hose became necessary
      as it finally weathered through due to use at the handle. OEM part supplied
      and fit perfectly. Still love the old thing....Kids go "what's that"?

      Easy fix

      Handy fix. Somewhat easy to install. Some care needed to slip the assembly into place while not bending too far. Be patient and it will all work out. Completely fixed the leak causing too much soap solution to constantly flow.

      Thank you for your review Robert. FYI, the K0292 Venturi Assembly will make the same repair in only a small fraction of the time.

      Works great.

      The faucet was easy to install and great to use. The only thing I was disappointed in was the "chrome" parts were plastic, including the knobs. I didn't see that in the description.

      This faucet's cover and handles have been made of ABS for 45 years. ABS is the same material used in making your car or truck. In 45 years, not one component has pitted or rusted. ABS is listed in the product description along with brass and copper.

      A few glitches

      Two issues at this point. Orange cleaning brushes MUCH less sturdy that previous items purchased and cleaning wand does not come in and out smoothly. Realigning the hose is not as efficient as it should be.
      Otherwise I am overjoyed to have a new Dishmaster that doesn’t leak or squirt at me.

      Thank you for your review. Realigning the hose must be done where the hose is attached to the faucet body at the end furthest from the wand. If you attempt to make the adjustment by rotating the wand it will not stay. We don't know how to respond in regard to the orange brush except to say that they have not changed.

      Love It

      It really sets off the dishmaster we chose.

      Great Service

      Fast shipping. Great service. Wonderful company.



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