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    Based on 646 reviews

    K1083 Imperial Four Face Plate

    A bit disappointed

    I've had this model before. I upgraded a few years later and the newer model gave me trouble with the wand spray lever not returning to an upright position. I was blasted in the face too many times even after a replacement part was sent to me so I went back to the M2000 Century. When I received this a week or so ago it worked fine. But then it stopped dispensing the soap. We checked the lines and could find nothing wrong. I noticed that the red button on the wand handle was a bit hard to press down. Finally I took a flashlight and peeked under the sink to watch the flow of water when I activated the wand. It barely moved and I saw a tiny cluster of bubbles which barely moved also. I opened the soap solution jar and checked the hole in the line. It was clear. I decided it needed another hole in the line so I took an ice pick and added one more hole next to the first one. And I now have soap. It works perfectly. However the red button is still a little hard to hold down.

    From your description, we believe the spring in the venturi assembly is out of place. A replacement assembly has been shipped.

    Works great

    Life time of loving DM.

    I was raised with having a dishmaster to do the dishes. As an adult with my own home this is now my third one. I love the newer look of the dishmaster. Couldn't live with out one, makes it so easy to clean up a few or a lot of dishes.

    Having to switch the diverter cartridge on the brand new faucet was a pain. Having a brand new faucet & not being able to use it was a big inconvenience.

    We apologize for your inconvenience.
    Shipping fees to high

    Shipping fees to high, 2 days, took 3 days.( $33.00)

    We're sorry you order arrived one day later than you expected. Not all shipping options are guaranteed delivery times and there are less expensive shipping options available. We charge only what the carrier charges us. We do not profit from shipping charges. https://dishmasterfaucet.com/apps/help-center#!hc-is-my-delivery-time-guaranteed

    The new parts you sent are now installed and The new parts you sent are now installed everything works just perfectly thank thanks for your help thank you very muchmuch

    Arlene N.

    Love it! Love it! I do the cooking, he does the dishes! Easy installation, looks great, easy to use. Should have bought one sooner.

    Sudsy good soap

    Always good concentrated stuff

    K0282 Orange Brushes

    Easy to replace parts

    Easily replaced the various parts and now my very old dishmaster is working like new

    Dish aster parts

    Order filled promptly and parts same as when it was new.

    Great Product

    I have used a Dishmaster since I was a child. Love the product and they have great customer service. We just put in a new granite composite sink and no new big expensive faucet for me. My DishMaster is sitting pretty.

    Diverted stem and washers


    K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit


    I purchased this for a customer of mine. I'm sure they will be satisfied, since it was a replacement for the one that I also installed almost 30 years ago.

    Got there quickly


    K0280 Black Brushes

    Great Product

    Part works perfectly. Just an ironic note. The cost of this Assy ($24.99), is 4 cents more than the price of the whole unit that I purchased for my 1st home that I bought in 1959. I've had a Dishmaster in every home I've owned, & even bought them for my 3 offspring's homes

    Here are some examples of what those great prices from the 'good 'ol days' would be in today's dollars as of December 2018. See for yourself at CPI Inflation Calculator: 1950 Deluxe $49.50 - today $529.19, 1959 Imperial $39.50 - today $342.20, 2002 Imperial Four $195.81 - today $273.60
    Legacy parts

    Arrived quickly. Happy the hot water K1078 hot water valve is still manufactured.

    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome

    Love the white brushes!

    We have had a dishmaster for decades and thought the black brush was just great but never used one of the white brushes! Love the white brush! Will now become our standard use brush. We have not tried the orange one yet... Thanks guys for keeping dishmaster awesome.

    The good and the bad!

    Dishmaster, first off l rarely write back a review of a product but thought you folks deserve a quick reply. Over the years I have had maybe three units all going there job without too much maint. When I discovered your latest model I saw the big change in design and material and purchased new faucet. I’m sure you have some feedback on the dish wand spraying every ware if correct sequence not used. The problem there is owner adjusts but the occasional dinner guest helping do dishes get nailed if not fore warned. My other problem was soap dispenser getting stuck when depressed and binding on itself?
    I called you folks few months after purchase and in a minute or so you had new Part in the mail, pleasant surprise. Hope this helps, John

    Good long hose

    Perfect fit, exactly what I wanted

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