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    Based on 99 reviews

    Everything went very good!!


    K1087 Detergent Tank with Tube and Springs

    Replacement for a Golden Oldie

    We just replaced our 30+ year old Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four with a new one ... yes the same model. The original followed us through 3 corporate relocations and 4 homes like a trooper. The new unit installed like a dream and picked up where the original left off. My wife would not have another brand.

    Bill F
    Dallas TX

    Parts were excellent:

    We replaced the cold water seat, because it was split and the contact surface was very bad. It works great and we love it. With the bigger order you sent us a Quaker Granola Bar, Peanut butter Chocolate Chip bar. Thank you very much. I ate it. Told wife after I ate it. LOL


    P4020 Mixer Cartridge


    When we found we could order different spouts, we got exactly what we wanted.
    The original dishmaster lasted 15 years. We don't know what we'd do without one


    Parts on time. Faucet just keeps on going and going. Love it

    Cool Accessory

    The swivel-spray aerator is a neat add-on for the kitchen faucet. It has two modes: straight steam and spray. Since the device is on a swivel, you can spray around the entire sink without reaching for the wand (on Dishmaster units). The accessory is durable plastic in construction, and won't corrode. It comes with a ring and second washer to adapt to most faucet spouts. It feels well built, and should have a long service life.


    P4030 Diverter Cartridge

    Hose repair

    works like new!

    Very efficient and very polite service

    This company was very helpful when I wanted to exchange one faucet head for another. There were no questions asked and they were very willing to make the exchange. Thank you for giving such good service.

    Extremely satisfied!

    We are extremely satisfied with out Dishmaster faucet/sprayer. The salesperson was very nice to work with. Very patient. Order arrived when predicted (in two days). Looks so modern. Have had Dishmaster faucets for over 40 years. This is our third Dishmaster.


    Easy to install & works fine


    If you owned the classic Dishmaster there is a learning curve to use the single handle model. Also I added a slip weight to the hose so it lowers easier. Still we like the Dishmaster faucets.

    5. Stars

    Good instructions. Installed yesterday Working well. Thanks


    Replacement solved my problem!!!


    Good. but having trouble adjusting hot but will work it out

    Please call us toll-free 800-521-9234 if we can be of assistance.

    Works great

    Nice to have a place where I can find all the parts that I need most of the hardware stores don'...

    Great parts

    Awesome Faucet!

    I’ve been a Dishmaster pioneer user since the mid-1980’s and just finished putting approximately 18 years on the model M2000. Since it was unable to be disassembled for leakage repair, we cut it off and replaced it with your M65SLA Sapphire Low Arc Satin faucet. This piece of machinery is a DREAM! I can’t recommend it more highly!

    Works good now

    Replaced old cartridge and now the diverter works just fine.

    dish master dm m76

    love it love it love it


    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four

    Parts request

    Had an old system. Part numbers were different. Rep was very knowledgeable in getting me the correct and current parts.--Thanks


    Good parts were perfect

    Can't beat Old School-style and design!

    I just had my Dishmaster installed and it works effortlessly and beautifully. Cleaning dishes has never been easier, simpler and efficient. Only 1T of dish liquid mixed with warm water in the detergent tank means that it lasts! My plumber was very impressed and took my brochure to show clients and I think he's going to order one himself. Only hiccup was my sink hole cover arrived with a small dent in it but he had one. All in all, my Dishmaster is a 10/10. Plus, its vintage style looks great in my 1950 ranch kitchen. I've been waiting too long to do this! Glad I did.

    Sorry about the dent Jeffrey. We've issued a credit.
    Four generations of loving Dishmasters

    I was born in 1951. My grandparents had a Dishmaster. My parents too. We learned to wash dishes with Dishmaster. So did our kids. My cousin has one on his boat. There's no faucet/brush combination like it; it's simply the best.


    Always the best service .......

    Great service!

    Great, helpful, quick service!


    K0282 Orange Brushes


    bushings are great! They provide a wonderful service product, as a replacement for the original parts. They work fine.


    It was a Christmas present. The box hasn't been opened yet.


    Order was sent in a timely manner. Oder was filled correctly.


    Been using it a week now. I love it! Works very well & efficiently.

    Always a great experience.

    The people at Dishmaster are the best. I get whatever I purchase from them quickly and in great condition. They always include directions that are clear and concise. We have had Dishmaster faucets in our family for generations and will continue to do so.

    So happy!

    Could not find the parts I needed for my beloved dishmaster in any store. Most told me they did not exist anymore! But thankfully, dishmaster is still going strong, found the parts I needed on dishmaster.com, received them very quickly, installed them myself, and now my dishmaster is better than ever. Thank you dishmaster!!

    , It Works

    Have a Dishmaster going on 60 years- just now replaced the hose assembly. Works great really glad to see Dishmaster still in business. It's likely I will order repair parts in the future.

    Bought parts for 2 systems

    Easy to install and all works well.

    Cartridge replacement

    Receive the cartridge in a timely fashion. Installed very easy. Everything working great. Thank you very much.


    P4030 Diverter Cartridge


    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four


    Dishmaster M65SHA Sapphire High Arc Satin

    Timeless Beauty!

    Our family has been using a dishmaster since the sixties. We had one at my parents’ house, my grandparents’ house, and at our mountain cabin. I now own an apartment building and want each of my tenants to have one.
    This simple device, makes dishwashing easier, faster an healthier. We removed our dishwashers that were slow, noisy and dirty and switched to Dishmasters. I recommend Dishmasters to all households.

    hot water valve assembly

    Your easy to order site and your prompt delivery of item was outstanding! And thanks for the enclosed trail mix bar, yum! I was able to fix the problem all by myself. Not too shabby for a 65 year old lady. I would give you 10 stars. Thank you for helping me fix my 1967 Dishmaster that I grew up with.


    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four

    A Challenge to Install, a Dream to Use

    Actually, installation for the handy do-it-yourselfer is simple and straightforward, except when it comes to tightening the hardware that holds everything in place. The nut that secures the faucet itself is obviously made to take a special wrench, which is neither supplied nor named (so that it can be found at a tool or hardware store). It is a serious pain to reach up under the sink with tongue-and-groove pliers to tighten it. The hose guide tube spins around in its escutcheon when trying to secure it with the lock nut, and is difficult to hold while spinning the nut up its length. The faucet water hose fittings are 3/8" and adapters are not provided for the 1/2" nipples found on most stop valves. You may find yourself on a trip or two to the hardware store for some unexpected expenses; one star off for all of that.

    Operation, though, is a dream. This faucet has all the advantages of a single-hole mount, "stanchion"-styled faucet in being out of the way, simple to use and easy to keep clean. I chose the low-arc design (since the angle design was sold out) for the extra reach into my sink. I bought the spray head to replace the stock aerator so that the water stream can reach any part of my sink. Even with that in place, the spout still arcs high enough to clear my largest cookware pieces, and swivels well out of the way so that the wand and brush may be used. If you have a deck-mount sink, the extra few dollars for this faucet makes it the obvious choice over the Imperial or Century models.

    But the best feature is Dishmaster customer support and service. These people will take the TIME to troubleshoot any problem you may encounter with your faucet, whether it be the new M65 Sapphire you just bought from them, or your vintage 1950's M52 Deluxe that you found on eBay. Amazing! Please support with your business the people who continue to develop this labor-saving device long after the original company gave up on it.

    Hi Jeff. You are right about reaching up under the sink being a pain. We have revised the installation instructions to add a note about having a helper to hold things topside while you tighten them from beneath the sink. However, a special wrench is not required to tighten the nut. Once it is screwed all the way up to the sink/countertop by hand, tightening the two screws is what holds it in place.
    I'm a life long dishmaster fan!

    I have never not had a dishmaster. My mother had one before I was born, I grew up with one and have always had one in every home I lived in. I'm very excited and pleased with my latest one. Love the modern styling and the high arched faucet. Also the craftsmanship is superb!

    Well Done!

    The right part arrived ahead of schedule. Well done. Ive been using Dishmaster products for over 45 years, plan to continue for another 45 years!

    Diverter valve

    Finally changed the diverter valve and hasn't leaked since.
    Henry Geib

    Great Service

    Why can't all companies be like you?

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