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    Based on 339 reviews
    Parts for dishmaster

    Called on the phone, very efficient service, and parts arrived on schedule. Couldn't be happier with customer support.

    White brush

    I like the white brush. It’s a tiny bit stiffer than the black one. Delivery was quick too.

    3 generations of happy Dishmaster owners

    3 generations of our family have enjoyed using Dishmaster faucets for many decades! We have had 3 different styles of Dishmaster faucets in our 3 homes over the years. Each style worked excellent, but the newest is a great improvement. People with dishwashers work so had to rinse their dishes first so that their dishwasher can do a good job, but with the Dishmaster we do it all in the same length of time: soap, scrub and rinse! I personally love to use the Dishmaster after big family dinners... I just need several people to keep up with me and dry and put away all the dishes. I recently updated my daughter's kitchen with the newest style Dishmaster. The installation was simple and straight forward, and it works perfectly. She is an Executive Chef and absolutely loves her Dishmaster!


    It works Great & looks good too! A Win - Win!!

    Best Ever!

    I've had a Dishmaster for over 40 years and I've always loved them. I started out with a Princess in the 70's and when I needed a new one Dishmaster was there to provide it. Great service and fast, FREE shipping. Gotta love the whole deal. There is nothing like a Dishmaster.


    Looks good and works well, though the on/off handle occasionally falls off

    We're sorry you're having this problem. Please 1) unscrew and remove the mixer lever 2) tighten the set screw firmly into the knob 3) screw the lever back onto the screw. Please call toll-free 1-800-521-9234 for additional assistance.

    seems to be working good

    Waiting to test

    I will get back to You as soon as I have installed the Dishmaster. We have had the model 76 and 2000 before and are very satisfied with those two. I hope we will be as satisfied with model M70CPHA but can´t give feedback until we have had it in use.


    N3126P-CP Swivel-Spray Aerator, Chrome

    Swivel Spray Aerator

    I wish I had installed the swivel spray aerator when I installed the Dishmaster. What a convenience! Great service from Dishmaster, as usual.


    Great customer service.


    I installed the new Dishmaster In 30 minutes.
    This is the fifth unit I have purchased.
    The only part that was missing is the back flush plug.

    I have the one from the old replaced unit I had installed in 1975, is it available?

    The back flush plug has not been shipped with faucets for many years. Back flushing is easily done without it: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/backflush-m76 However, they are available here: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/tools/products/p0619-back-flush-plug

    K0280 Black Brushes

    Easy fix

    I have always found the Dishmaster to be very reliable. The only problems I’ve ever had has been due to mineral deposit build up over time. Most faucets have to be replaced after a few years but the Dishmaster can easily be repair. I have had the same one for over twenty years. I like that it’s easy to get advice and trouble shooting help from the owners with a simple phone call.
    Keep up the good work! I hope y’all never go out of business.

    I love this faucet!!!

    I have now had this faucet for over a year and a half. I have always used Dishmaster faucets but this is the best I have ever had. I love it!!!


    K31088 Diverter Assembly

    Dishmaster Faucet

    Great help as always, easy to fix,: I have been a Dishmaster user for 45 years Great product.

    Excellent assistance

    Received exactly what I needed and FAST!


    Thanks. They were delivered really fast.

    Diverter rod not dropping back down.

    It still doesn't solve the problem of the diverter rod not dropping back down even after applying a liberal amount of plumbers grease. As I play with the rod by pulling it up and down, sometimes it slides smoothly and other times I can feel a 'catch.' Help!

    We have attempted to contact you and have left voice mail. Please call toll-free 800-521-9234

    I called in my order and while talking with the owner not only was my order taken, but I received tips and pointers on how to mantain my dish master faucets.
    My family has used Dishmaster faucets sense the late 50’s early 60’s. I cannot imagine have to do without one.

    Highly recommend Dishmaster

    I've used Dishmasters in multiple houses and no house would be complete without one.

    Swivel Aerator

    Perfect addition to my new Dishmaster. Love that you can have a stream or a spray. Wish it came in brushed nickel though.

    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four

    The Dishmaster works fine, producing a good flow of soapy water. My one complaint is that the black plastic cover on top of the Dishmaster that the brush rests in, doesn't fit tightly & comes lose every time I remove the brush.


    excellent product

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