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    Based on 685 reviews
    Dishmaster M2000 Century

    I have been using a Dishmaster product since I got married 30 years ago. And before that my husbands family always had a Dishmaster faucet.

    We sold our home earlier this year and purchased a new M2000 Century for our new home. I will not be without my Dishmaster. Great product, ease of use and looks great.

    It works. I had to file off the spindle so it would fit the handle.

    If the faucet is operated for too long with a loose handle, the edges of the 'flat' on the face of the ball valve stem will become 'raised' and will require filing to remove the raised areas. Those raised areas can make it difficult to remove the handle and/or install a new handle. A loose handle should be tighten as soon as possible. Use the combo valve tool included with the faucet or a 1/8 inch hex key to tighten the screw.

    Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome

    SA1191 Deck Union Assembly

    Dishmaster factory repair

    Gracious, professional, generous, anxious to help, prompt, easy to deal with....... well you get the point. The staff at Dishmaster was sensational to deal with. THANKS!!! Chuck Hancock

    New parts

    The Dishmaster dealer sent me new parts for the kitchen faucet. Hopefully they’ve fixed the problem of the valve unloading itself and shooting water across the floor. The parts were free. They were really trying to remedy the problem.

    It is very important that repairs are made per the instructions . . . ''Align tabs on bushing with slots in valve body, seat bushing fully into valve body - bushing MUST be fully seated in valve body. Install valve stem retaining cap. Snug with pliers to make sure the cap is fully seated'. https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/valve-stem

    I received my new dishmaster and it is now installed. I love the new design . I have had one for 50some years and would give up my dish washer before I would go without one. Thank you for the quick service and the amazing product

    K0672 Valve Handles with Screws, Chrome

    Finally got one

    My grandma had a dishmaster when I was growing up. I always wanted one for my house. Now I have one and just love it.

    Great Service

    Wonderful service. Very fast service. I would recommend them.

    Thumbs up

    I am completely satisfied with the rebuild kit and the delivery time and ease of ordering parts.


    I love this tool for prewash scrub prior to dishwasher.

    Handy little tool.

    Good but could be Better

    I like that this product is better for the environment than most dishwashing liquids but I wish it would make more and long lasting suds. I prefer the brand 'Planet" for hand washing the dishes. It's as good as Dawn but better for the environment. I only use the Dishmaster Faucet brand because I believe that if I use something else it would void any warrenty I may have.

    Your Dishmaster is designed to use liquid detergents - do not attempt to use soaps or soap powders. We recommend Dishmaster® Liquid Detergent Concentrate. Other name brand liquid detergents may work in your Dishmaster as well. Do not use detergents with lotion additives - do not use detergents that say things such as “lotion”, “makes hands soft”, etc. Do not use detergents that appear cloudy or opaque rather than transparent. Do not use detergents with citrus additives, as they may cause premature deterioration of rubber and metal components. https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/detergent-concentrate
    Dishmaster hose replacement

    I have an old unit, the hose of which had sprung a leak, making it impossible to use the brush. Calcium deposits make it almost impossible to remove the retaining rings, so the knurling is damaged, and the rings are out-of-round and have to be replaced. I did not carefully note which end of the plastic tube with spring goes to the tank and which end goes to the flared copper tube. I hope I put it back on correctly. It was not clear which side of the venturi was the spring side, so I had to install the button twice. The instructions were not clear as to what was the "spray tube assembly". The nut on the assembly seems to be locked in place with the rest of the assembly, so I have been unable to adjust the direction of the spray. The nut has to be tightened VERY tight against the handle, or else water comes out the other end of the handle. I am not very handy with tools and putting things together, so that added to instructions that were not entirely clear, it took me a long time to get to the point where I could test the system before putting the cover back in place, which will have to wait until I can order the retaining rings. Good think I had all the tools I needed. There was no required tool list, unfortunately.

    Hello, Please refer to the 'Assemble Handle and Spray Tube' section of the instructions and the illustration for proper venturi orientation and how to adjust the direction of the spray. For detailed information about the spray tube assembly (which does not require disassembly for this repair) please follow this link: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/k1233-spray-tube

    it is working like it was suppose to when i purchased the faucet in the first place

    Package arrived in timely manner.

    Awesome service

    Very fast shipping and parts worked fantastic. BTW I have had Dishmasters since the early 70's

    Loved Dishmaster for 50 years

    Great product. Just as great as when my step father-in-law designed them.

    Amazing Service!

    When we needed to quickly replace our Dishmaster because of contractor mishandling, you took my order and had it on site the next afternoon: I could not believe it! We are definitely customers for life!

    Super Helpful

    We needed to powder coat the faucet and they were so helpful. They sent the parts that need to be powder coated separately and are going to assemble it after the finish is applied.

    They really go the extra mile. I am impressed with their amazing kind customer service.


    Faucet splashes a lot around the sink.

    Great Replacement Part

    The replacement part came quickly and went right in. it included a small caplet of silicon grease that was handy to have. My diverter now stays in the down position like it is supposed to and pops right up when the water is off. it is great to have my M-65 working correctly again.

    Love our M70 Sapphire Faucet

    The faucet is just what we were looking for. It works perfectly for replacing our very old 2000 Dishmaster faucet.

    The service we were provided was excellent.

    Thank you.

    Parts v Faucet

    The parts that came were great. The faucet I purchased more problematic. Out of the box the faceplate was peeling from the bottom. And installed, properly with tape and dope where applicable, it leaks (drips) from the hose attachment area. I like the design, and the parts seem made OK, but two issues straight from the box merits a 3, average.

    We attempted to contact you July 28 when you placed a parts order and left this comment: 'My M-76 was just purchased but the faceplate is damaged. The 'decal' is peeling off pretty heavy from the bottom. If this is normal, I probably don't want any new faceplates as it will just happen again. Otherwise, rather than going through the hassle of return and replace, I'll just purchase a new chrome one and get a black for fun.' Because you have not responded to our attempts to contact you, nor have you submitted a warranty registration, we do not know where you purchased your faucet, whether is was new or used, nor how old it is. Use of tape and dope are not appropriate for attaching the hose as it is a compression fitting.
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