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      Customer Reviews

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      P2125 Cover Seal
      Janice L. (Kalamazoo, MI, US)

      Fast delivery of ordered part. Thank you!

      K0292 Venturi Assembly
      Ronald M. (Anaheim, CA, US)
      It fixed my Imperial 2000 Faucet from 2007

      My faucet quit working and I found an old Venturi Assembly in my garage. I installed it and it worked for a few days. I ordered a brand new 2000 Dishmaster and when it came, of course it was beautiful!, But, before installing it, I took a chance and ordered a new Venturi Assembly and it arrived in a couple of days. Fantastic, my old Dishmaster works very well and I have a new unit to put in when the old one requires more (really?) repairs!

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Linda F. (Union City, CA, US)
      Great Item!

      We have owned Dishmaster faucets for years, and this one is great! It arrived pre-built, and we love it.

      Dishmaster parts

      As always, the factory Dishmaster parts perform as expected.

      K0285 Brush Assortment
      Judy W. (Van Nuys, CA, US)
      Stocking up was easy, great brushes

      I’ve been using DishMaster since I was a child in the 50s. LOVE Dishmaster. I needed a new black brush & was glad I could buy a whole set. I love the brushes, versatility, good colors. After more than 6 decades , I’ve replaced the whole thing 3 times, staying with the same model. Not many things are made so well anymore. Buying a whole set of new brushes was a pleasure

      K0254 Hose Assembly
      Brain C. (Houston, TX, US)
      K0254 Hose Assembly

      I received the item as stated. The installation was quick and works great!

      K31088 Diverter Assembly
      Michael E. (Pinckney, MI, US)
      Simple installation for diverter

      The fix was a piece of cake with clear instructions and flawless results. Exceeded expectations!

      K1191 Deck Union Assembly
      Jim W. (Traverse City, MI, US)
      Faucet repair

      Exactly what I needed for repair. Notes on how to do the repair along with available online videos were a huge help.

      K0230 Insert Seals
      Alma C. (San Pedro, CA, US)

      The parts arrived promptly and the directions were easy to follow. Job done

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Susan D. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US)
      Best tool

      I am a family of 1 and it takes forever to fill my dishwasher. The Dishmaster is the perfect tool for quickly washing my few dishes and uses very little water. I think it is efficient and conserves water.

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Robert B. (Riverside, CA, US)
      Loyal Dishmaster customer for 40+ years

      New unit expertly installed by our favorite Plumber. It is our fourth in 51 years of marriage. My wife's parents had Dishmasters for many years also.

      K31088 Diverter Assembly
      Jacob S. (Grand Rapids, MI, US)
      Diverter repair kit - simple to understand and complete.

      The diverter repair kit was preassembled and easy to instal. The video directions were accurate, complete and easy to follow. The best I have seen.

      It’s small

      This is most likely my 6th purchase of a Dishmaster Faucet. I have been using on for 30 years. They have always been a reliable product. My only complaint about this new modern design is the size of the faucet handles. They are very small. We have a large three hole sink and the whole unit looks like it belongs on a single small sink.

      The majority of users are unable to accommodate larger handles because they will bump against the backsplash. In addition to each faucet having specifications (dimensions) available online, pictures of faucets can be viewed in our kitchens gallery so that you can see how they may look in your own kitchen.

      P2035 Lever Handle with Screw and Insert
      John W. (Roscommon, MI, US)
      handle works great

      easy to install , the old one was many years old, and the idshmaster works perfectly now, thanks Dishmaster

      K0282 Orange Brushes
      Corrine S. (Mayville, MI, US)

      the best!

      Dishmaster M76BK Imperial Four, Black
      Jose V. (Sherman Oaks, CA, US)

      Great appliance and beautiful addition to our kitchen sink. It complements the rest of the kitchen appliances!

      K0264 Needle Valve Repair Kit
      Gary P. (Stockton, CA, US)

      The repair went smoothly and has improved the function of my Dishmaster. My only disappointment is that the helpful tool which used to accompany the repair kit was not included and using a 1/4" screwdriver is not the same.

      Great product

      We have this up at our cottage in Northern Michigan. We have no automatic dishwasher but do dishes by hand. This makes it so easy and fun to wash the dishes right away. We highly recommend it.

      Dishmaster M76XL Imperial Four XL, Chrome
      Justin D. (Ferdinand, IN, US)
      Wonderful addition

      Love the faucet! Very well made. The support the company gives is wonderful as well. An awesome addition to our kitchen.

      K2000 M2000 Tune-up Kit
      Keith J. (Perrysburg, OH, US)
      M2000 Tune Up Kit.

      Kit arrived in a timely manor. I ended up only using the replacement parts for the diverter portion of the unit including the O-ring and plumbers grease. It fixed the problem I had of water leaking up around the base of the spout. In addition, the spout now swings side to side very smoothly. Just like new. I will keep the rest of the parts in the event I start having any issues with the lever side of the unit. My only reason for giving it 4 instead of 5 stars was that, for the price of the kit, it did not include a new chrome knurled nut that is at the base of the spout. Mine was a bit corroded and took a considerable amount of force to get it to break free. Even after applying a considerable amount of vinegar to dissolve the calcium build up and various spray lubricants to free it up. Consequently, the nut did get a little scuffed up. It appears you can only get that nut if you order a new spout.

      The spout retaining nut is available separately if you contact us toll-free at 1-800-521-9234. We try not to clutter our website with parts that customers rarely, if ever, need to replace.

      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
      Robert W.C. (Vista, CA, US)
      50+ year owner

      Have always owned a Dishmaster for over 50 years. Won't live without one. Love the convenience of it.

      PA2018 Detergent Tank Assembly
      Mary H.a.J.A.W. (Clarkston, MI, US)
      Dishmaster is the best!

      I have had a Dishmaster since I was growing up and had them in every home I have lived in as an adult. I can’t express enough gratitude for your superior product, it’s easy assembly, how convenient the replacement parts are to install and most importantly—quality customer service!

      K2300 Valve Seats and Springs
      Chuck H. (Davisburg, MI, US)
      Not the seats and springs!

      I have had a dripping problem with this faucet since it was installed 3 years ago. I had to adjust the tightness of the valve 2–3 times a year. This spring it began to leak and wouldn’t stop. The parts I ordered actually made it worse. In desperation, I went to a nearby ACE for a ball lever. It is now better than new!

      Every time the lever is moved on a ball valve there is a minute amount of wear. As the wear accumulates, it is compensated for by tightening the adjusting ring. To need to eventually replace the valve components after six years of wear on a faucet you bought in 2015 is not unusual.

      K1083 Imperial Four Face Plate
      J b. (Long Beach, CA, US)

      Recieved my new faceplate for my beloved dishmaster! Looks great and came quickly. Great service!

      P2250 Combination Tool
      Richard E. (Kailua-Kona, HI, US)
      Combination tool

      Able to secure the Adjusting ring properly to stop water from dripping. Thank you



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