About Us

Hello and Welcome to Dishmaster. We're glad you're here.

We're Roger & Chris, the father-son owners of SilverStream LLC and proud owners of the Dishmaster brand. We were in the contract machining business at one time, but now our entire focus is making and selling Dishmaster Faucets. In the contract machining business, we were two to four tiers down from the giant corporations (think big, like auto makers). The millions of parts we produced went into the products you bought from them. It was a tough environment and not much fun being at the mercy of large corporations.

In 2004 we happened across Manville Manufacturing, the company that had been making Dishmaster Faucets since 1948. The owners had grown older and passing operations to a new generation had not gone well. We saw an opportunity to get involved in a piece of history and make going to work each day enjoyable.




Things have come a long way since 2004 and an even longer way since post-war 1948 when new devices were revolutionizing America's kitchens and Dishmaster was born. We are fortunate to be building on more than 70-years of history and customer satisfaction. Utilizing both old and new technologies, we are dedicated to remaining faithful to the old traditions and styles while also developing new style faucets and options for the modern kitchen.







We know supplying you with high quality products is important and we provide that quality while also providing excellent customer service and friendly support. Dishmaster has made washing dishes quicker, easier and more energy efficient for over seven decades. A Dishmaster really is more than a kitchen faucet and we're believers! Our own automatic dishwashers sit idle and lonely day after day. Well, maybe not at Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them. Our customers are our greatest salespeople. Once you've used a Dishmaster, you won't settle for less because, if you know Dishmaster, you know every kitchen should have one.

We really like making Dishmaster Faucets, but you've probably figured that out already.

Thanks for stopping by,

Roger & Chris