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      1948 "The Care and Use of a Dishmaster". Nostalgic 16-page Coloring Book Guide for the care and use of the original Deluxe Dishmaster.

      wash drinking glass

      open color book

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      Print on 8.5x11 . . . portrait . . . 2-sided print requires 4-sheets . . . 1-sided requires 8-sheets


      M52 Deluxe

      Introduction of the Dishmaster "Deluxe"

      The Original Dishmaster

      M48, M49, M50, M51, M52, M52-B, M52-B3




      Twin Models

      Dishmaster "300"

      "The Dishmaster 300 converts almost any swing spout, in a
      matter of minutes, into the fastest, easiest dishwasher yet invented"





      Junior does dishes
      get more help from husbands

      Magazine Advertisements

      Even Junior likes to do the dishes with Dishmaster

      Guaranteed to get more help from husbands

      "Just try to keep the kids (or grown-ups either) out of the kitchen when you have a Dishmaster."



      M59 Imperial
      be a dishmaster

      Dishmaster "Imperial" M59

      "Clean Contempory Lines, Gleaming Chrome Finish"





      Dishmaster M59 Imperial III


      Dishmaster "Imperial III" M59

      "New Jet Age 'Velvet Touch' Faucet Valves with Finger-Tip Operation"






      Dishmaster M24 Princess
      M24 Princess brochure

      Dishmaster "Princess" M24

      "If you have an automatic rinse spray attachment on your sink, you already have half a dishwasher. You can install a new Princess DISHMASTER next to your faucet, yourself in just 5 minutes."





      color face plates brochure
      color face plates

      Color Arrives On The Scene

      "Custom Decorator Coordinated Colors"

      Sunshine Yellow, Avocado Green, Flower Orange, Satin Black




      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four
      Dishmaster M76XL Imperial Four XL


      Dishmaster "Imperial Four" M76 and M76XL

      Torque-Free Valves, Long-Life ABS Cover




      Dishmaster M87 Solaric
      Dishmaster M87 Solaric brochure

      Dishmaster "Solaric" M87

      Gold, Cream, Silver color choices






      Dishmaster M2000 Century
      Dishmaster M2000 Century brochure

      Dishmaster "Century" M2000

      Single handle control, High clearance spout,
      Large capacity detergent container beneath the sink





      Dishmaster M70 Sapphire chrome
      Dishmaster M70 Sapphire brushed nickel

      65th Anniversary

      Dishmaster "Sapphire" M65

      No 'box', Two-hole installation, Three spout options,
      Stainless Steel with Polished or Satin Finish


      Dishmaster "Sapphire" M70

      Brass with Chrome Plated or Brushed Nickel Finish



      Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four black and white
      bgold and black sunburst face plates

      70th Anniversary

      New "Imperial Four" Colors

      Reproduction of the original Sun Burst Face Plates
      color book coloring book


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