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    Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
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    Customer Reviews

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    Dishmaster M2000 Century

    I have been using a Dishmaster product since I got married 30 years ago. And before that my husbands family always had a Dishmaster faucet.

    We sold our home earlier this year and purchased a new M2000 Century for our new home. I will not be without my Dishmaster. Great product, ease of use and looks great.

    Love this faucet

    We have always had Dishmaster’s. Our handle broke on our previous one (after many years and very hard water) and we could not go with anything else! Easy transaction!!

    Love my Dishmaster Faucet...

    and will never give it up!!! We installed one in our first home back in 1972 (Style M76) which was installed on the wall. We later installed the same model in our second home which we placed on the deck. I am so spoiled by having the brush with soap to wash that one dish or scrub whatever needs scrubbed. We now have a M2000 which looks so much more modern and is working perfectlyly. Dishmaster's customer service is helpful, honest, knowledgeable and friendly too (thanks again Chris)!

    A bit disappointed

    I've had this model before. I upgraded a few years later and the newer model gave me trouble with the wand spray lever not returning to an upright position. I was blasted in the face too many times even after a replacement part was sent to me so I went back to the M2000 Century. When I received this a week or so ago it worked fine. But then it stopped dispensing the soap. We checked the lines and could find nothing wrong. I noticed that the red button on the wand handle was a bit hard to press down. Finally I took a flashlight and peeked under the sink to watch the flow of water when I activated the wand. It barely moved and I saw a tiny cluster of bubbles which barely moved also. I opened the soap solution jar and checked the hole in the line. It was clear. I decided it needed another hole in the line so I took an ice pick and added one more hole next to the first one. And I now have soap. It works perfectly. However the red button is still a little hard to hold down.

    From your description, we believe the spring in the venturi assembly is out of place. A replacement assembly has been shipped.
    loyal customer

    I have been using Dishmaster Faucets for over 25 years and am very pleased with the products, I started out with the Imperial and it worked great the only draw back was the small soap reservoir but when updated to the 2000 series it was the best thing since sliced bread with the large soap reservoir. I have used the 2000 for 15 years and the only maintenance has been replacing the scrub brushes . the only reason I ordered a new set was I'm replacing counter tops in my kitchen and after 15 years of great performance I'm installing new just to freshen up the appearance of the faucet from minor scratches from years of use. Great faucets and would recommend to anyone looking for new faucets that will last the test of time. Thank you Dishmaster Jamie Ontario,Canada

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