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      Classic and timeless to suit any style kitchen, the M2000 Century features a high clearance spout and a generous 72-ounce detergent reservoir conveniently located beneath the sink. Three brushes are included.

      Why Dishmaster? The convenient wand delivers hot, soapy water at the touch of a button then simply release the button for a clear water rinse. Scrape, wash, rinse, done in one easy motion. The diverter automatically returns to the closed position when the water flow is turned off.

      All your dishes and cookware clean easily with a Dishmaster. Save energy, detergent and water by using only just what you need to get the job done. Great as a pre-rinse for the dishwasher. Safe for china and crystal. Perfect for electric cookware, pots & pans, skillets and coffee pots.

      Install on your sink or countertop. 3-holes are required. Fits all standard 3-hole and 4-hole kitchen sinks. Brass, Copper, ABS construction. Manufactured in the USA.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Love it, but it's a bit fragile in hard water. The previous faucet lasted 7 years.

      It was fortunate that the faucet replaced another Dishmaster M2000 because the replaced faucet had extensions that the plumber could remove and connect to the new installment bolts. This allowed him to fasten our new M2000 to our thick marble kitchen top. Strongly suggest that these extensions be included in future orders.

      The extensions are available separately from the faucet because the majority of installations do not require them. We believe it is best practice not to force everyone to buy (pay for) something that only a few need.
      New dish master

      Dishmaster installed- works great!


      Love the Dishmaster. Makes kitchen cleanup quick!

      AZ Dishmaster

      I've enjoyed using dishmaster faucets for decades. My mother used one in her kitchen and I have used dishmaster faucets in all my kitchens since marriage. This new one is appreciated as much as the others.

      Life long Dishmaster user

      My recent order was for an upgrade unit. We have installed a Dismaster in every house we have lived in since 1960. Couldn't live without one! Great quality and great product support.

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