P4030-7 Diverter Cartridge

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This cartridge replaces P4030-6

This cartridge is auto-off except under conditions of very low, extremely high or unreliable water pressure, sediment or particles in water, buildup of lime, salt, iron or other mineral deposits, etc., in which case it must be disengaged manually by the user.

BEFORE YOU ORDER! You MUST correctly identify your faucet. Check the label on the face of the mixer knob:

M70 Sapphire:

M70 decal

If you have an M70, this cartridge will fit your faucet.



- - - - - - -

M65 Sapphire:

M65 decal

If you have an M65, you MUST determine which diverter knob you have:

M65 cast knob

If you have a cast knob, this cartridge will fit your M65 faucet.

M65 solid knob

If you have a solid knob, you must contact us for assistance. Be prepared to send a photo of the inside of your knob.


- - - - - - -


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Art B. (Azusa, CA, US)
much smoother operation!!

nice, easy motion. On and Auto Off

Charles h. (Ridgefield, CT, US)
Faucet / wand selector

The faucet works fine however it has a problem that it has always had. The slector knob for faucet or wand does not return to the faucet position as it should when you turn off the water.

We wish we had a solution for you but, as we have discussed in the past, due to the large amount of lime and other minerals that build up on your faucet parts, the automatic function of the diverter will not be reliable.

Alan H. (Ventura, CA, US)
Sticky diverter fixed.

The diverter on my M70 Sapphire was staying in the diverted position. The great Dishmaster customer service quickly found my registration, and sent a replacement under warranty.
My family has had a Dishmaster since about 1958 when my parents got their first Imperial. In the past 40 years I've owned Imperial Fours, M2000 Century, and now the Sapphire.