P4030-6 Diverter Cartridge

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This cartridge is being discontinued. Please see P4030-7 before you order this part. It is to your advantage.

This cartridge is auto-off except under conditions of low, extremely high or unreliable water pressure, sediment or particles in water, buildup of lime, salt, iron or other mineral deposits, etc., in which case it must be disengaged manually by the user.

Before You Replace It - Be Certain You Are Operating It Correctly

Make certain it hasn't accumulated buildup, sediment or particles

Make certain there is a clearance gap between the diverter knob and the faucet body.



Customer Reviews

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Matt P. (White Lake, MI, US)
Disappointed with the quality

We are third generation Dishmaster customers with various model faucets in main and vacation homes across five families. Due to the nature of the sink unit we installed we needed the M70 High Arc model. We have had this faucet 4 years and are on our 3rd replacement diverted cartridge. Because times are tight we will replace one more time. After this one we will be leaving the Dishmaster family and buying something cheaper and more reliable. Very sad, because these faucets remind us of grandparents and great grandparents.

We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with your nearly 6-year old M65 Sapphire. Unlike previous Dishmaster models you might have owned, the diverter on this model is much more sensitive to varying water pressure & conditions. One of the replacement diverters you received was sent under warranty after you contacted us. The others were ordered online with no input from our customer service. We're always happy to speak with customers to help diagnose any issue and see if we can correct a problem. Please call us at 800-521-9234. We're available from 8am-4pm EST, Mon-Fri. We'd like to discuss the issue you're having before we ship your current order so that we can try to make sure you get what you need.

Jednie (Kailua-Kona, HI, US)
faulty diverter

After going through the motions of removing my old diverter and trying to sus out if it could be fixed I found this site very helpful and got the part very quickly, it was inexpensive, and i had immediate contact and followup through E-mails. Great job to the Dishmaster team Mahalo for your quick response!

As for the diverter don't waste time messing with it if your Dishmaster is having trouble switching from the faucet to the to the wand or vice versa order the new diverter immediately, and swap it out. Obviously they are a common problem. If you are having trouble installing the new one, the notes are spot on its a tight fit. Make sure you have the guide pins on the holes (you can feel them tab in slightly but not seat) and use the collar to set it by screwing it in. I was surprised at how far it screwed in past the snug point once i started using the pliers. Aloha