K1078 Hot Water Valve Assembly

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Hot water valve stem replacement

Includes K0858 Torque-free Valve End and K1075 Hot Valve Stem Bushing


Instructions - Older Models
1078 valve stem 1226 x 1227 x 1228 x 261

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Adolph F. (Tujunga, CA, US)

waiting for my refund of the k31230 valve seats and union o-rings x 1 usd $28.23 that I returned
other wise everything else was PERFECT ! THANKS, ADOLPH

Your refund was issued eleven days ago. We sent an email notification. You can monitor the status of your refund by checking your credit card account.

Michael E.B. (Adrian, MI, US)
Like new

20 year old Solaric back to working like new. Perfect instructions, easy to follow and execute. Thank you Dishmaster.

R9BERT K. (West Covina, CA, US)
Disappointed - Redesigned and now manufactured to raise profits rather than ease of repair

Very disappointed. About a year ago, we purchased a new Dishmaster, which started leaking and apparently needed new washers. Unlike our Dishmaster of 40 or 50 years ago, which had valves manufactured to permit the easy replacement of the washers for a few cent (washers were held by small screws), there has been a re-design - apparently to prevent replacement of the washers (which now are permanently attached by a non-removable plastic pins) and rip off the consumers by requiring the complete replacement of the entire valve assembly (now made of cheap plastic instead of brass) for more than $40 (for the pair of hot and cold). For shame.

Not so! The valve stem ends are easily, and affordably, replaceable:

If you choose to replace only the washer, it is available at your local hardware store: 1/4 R (9/16 OD) bibb washer, flat, non-beveled

The valve stems are made of brass, not plastic. And, it is unlikely that any parts needed to be replaced at all. The handles simply needed a quick adjustment as covered in the installation instructions and the maintenance section of the manual. See this video:

For future reference, lots of how-to instructions and videos are available here: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/m76-imperial-four-support

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