K0076 M76 Tune-up Kit

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Key components to revive your faucet's functions

Instructions - Diverter Assembly

If you are making all repairs in one session, proceed to Tank Instructions after the spout is assembled and installed prior to installing the cover.

Instructions - Tank - M76


Instructions - Tank - M76XL

If you are making all repairs in one session, proceed to Valve Stem Assembly Instructions after the tank is reassembled prior to installing the cover.

Instructions - Valve Stem Assembly


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Customer Reviews

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Ojai H. (Pacoima, CA, US)
Need a tuneup?

This kit includes most parts needed for a good tuneup including the silicone grease. Almost all you need! Love my Dishmaster!

What other parts would you have liked to be included in the kit?

Steve B. (Truth or Consequences, NM, US)

K0076 M76 Tune-up Kit

Michael M. (San Jose, CA, US)
M76 Tune-up Kit - works great!

Very stoked to give an older M76 Original Dishmaster unit a new lease on life. I'm not a plumber by trade but I do have lots of hands on experience. I used all the new seals, seats, rings and tubes provided in the kit without issue. I would suggest soaking or liberally applying CLR to all the valve locations for 24 hours prior to disassembly. So very happy that Dishmaster supplies parts for all of their products.