TS27 - Water leaks from the hole beneath the diverter knob

If the diverter rod X-ring seals become dry they may harden and not seal as they should.

  • Lift the diverter knob all the way up and hold
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the diverter rod
  • Dry the diverter rod
  • Apply NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to the diverter rod.
  • Work the diverter rod up and down to push the grease down into the seals located in the spout base.

If the leak has not stopped, repeat the procedure or flip the two diverter seals over. See Diverter knob will not drop

If neither of the above procedures stop the leak the two seals should be replaced with S0228 Diverter Seals or K31088 Diverter Assembly