K0228 Diverter Seals

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May need replaced if, after viewing the video,

  • the diverter will not drop
  • water comes from both the spout and wand at the same time
  • water leaks from the small hole where the diverter rod enters the spout
  • water leaks at the base of the spout

See the full K31088 Diverter Assembly

Instructions - M76

Instructions - M2000

M31088 Instructions

0228 x s0228 x 228 seal 542 diverter stuck diverter stick diverter sticks diverter sticking

Customer Reviews

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Ralph B. (Sandwich, IL, US)
Didn't stop the leak from the faucet

When I use the diverter for washing dishes, etc., the long faucet spout still drips. The reason I bought the replacement washer kit was to correct that leak. At first, it stopped the leak but within a day the problem reoccurred. Does the entire diverter assembly need to be replaced?

Do you mean water drips from the hole beneath the diverter knob?
- Make sure the inside of the spout where the seals reside is free of lime or other accumulation.
- Make sure the diverter rod is clean, smooth and lubricated.
- Make certain the retainer is installed right side up.
- Make certain that not more than two seals are on the rod (or left in the spout)
- Use NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to lubricate all O-rings, X-rings, threads and moving parts before reassembly

If the drip is somewhere else, please explain in more detail. Call us toll-free 1-800-521-9234

Cynthia L. (Manlius, NY, US)
Still leaks

Had the new seals that came with the unit, but they leaked, so I ordered more. It still leaks. I'm $900 in on plumbing bills to fix the leaks so far. Love the unit, but cannot get it to stop leaking around the O rings.

Most of the parts you ordered for your used eBay purchase were not related to the issue. We're glad it's fixed now. Please make us your first call next time and perhaps avoid the expense of a plumber.

JSF (Alpine, TX, US)
Great products

This product worked great to repair our Dishmaster2000. We love Dishmaster because everything is replaceable. You don’t have to replace the entire faucet just for one little part. Also great instructions.