K0228 Diverter Seals

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$ 12.80 USD
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May need replaced if, after viewing the video,

  • the diverter will not drop
  • water comes from both the spout and wand at the same time
  • water leaks from the small hole where the diverter rod enters the spout
  • water leaks at the base of the spout

See the full K31088 Diverter Assembly


Instructions - M76

Instructions - M2000

M31088 Instructions

0228 x s0228 x 228 seal 542 diverter stuck diverter stick diverter sticks diverter sticking

Customer Reviews

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Don A. (Westminster, CA, US)
Leak fixed

The part fit and stopped the leak. For those not familiar with faucets it would be helpful if the instructions told HOW to remove the old parts.

The instructions do include directions for removal of the old parts. If further instruction is required there is a video on our website at https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/dishmaster-faucet-m76-imperial-four-parts/products/dishmaster-faucet-k0228-diverter-seals
and on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb94BFNNmd8&t=130s

Joshua M.
Wonderful product!

My diverter was sticking in the up position. Replacing these seals restored the faucet back to normal operation. Be sure to use silicone lubricant when assembling this product.

Charles H. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Totally Diverted

I always use OEM parts on whatever I work on and this was no exception. Of course they looked exact and worked perfectly!