K31088 Diverter Assembly - M2000

K31088 Diverter Assembly - M2000

Water supply valves need not be shut off but do not open the faucet valve. Remove lime and calcium deposits prior to disassembly. Use white vinegar or a commercially available product. Use NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to lubricate all O-rings, X-rings, threads and moving parts before reassembly.


  • Unscrew knurled spout retaining ring.
  • Pull spout straight up to remove.
  • Pull diverter knob up to engage locking tabs while turning knob counter-clockwise to remove knob.
  • Remove all diverter parts from spout - make certain X-rings are removed from the spout.
  • Remove O-ring and red lock ring from spout base.
  • Thoroughly clean spout base - inside and out. Use a Q-tip to clean the small hole.

Assemble Diverter in this order as shown

  • Seal
  • Spring
  • Retainer - small end toward, and inside of, inside spring
  • Two (2) X-rings

Assemble and Install Spout

  • Place O-ring in bottom groove.
  • Place knurled spout retaining ring on spout - un-threaded end first.
  • Install red lock ring in middle groove - flat side up / tapered side down (side with 4-dimples).
  • Insert assembled diverter into spout - push diverter in until threads project through top of spout - triangle must be aligned in hole.
  • Screw diverter knob clockwise onto the threads - pull on diverter knob to engage locking tabs - finish tightening knob.
  • Pull on knob to hold diverter assembly up into spout - triangle must be aligned in hole.
  • Seat spout into the faucet body while continuing to hold diverter knob up.
  • Tighten knurled spout retaining ring.