K2285 Mounting Extension Kit

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Set of 2

M2000 Century:

  • for sinks and countertops over 5/8" thick up to 2-5/16" thick

M76XL Imperial Four XL:

  • for sinks and countertops over 1-5/16" thick up to 1-5/8" thick

Instructions - M2000

Instructions - M76XL

K2285 Instructions

2285 mount extend extensions too thick thicker extensions for thicker sink thick granite mount on granite mounting on granite mounting for granite

Customer Reviews

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Dean C. (Papillion, NE, US)
K2285 Mounting Extension Kit

This kit was a necessary item with our new thicker kitchen surfaces. I did not want to stop using the Dishmaster unit and would have been unable
install it. Good thinking on developing the item.
Thank you for developing it


Vallen B. (Anacortes, WA, US)
I best product on the market

OK here's the deal, One of the things that I found was difficult was when the countertop people installed the countertop I did not ask them to drill a larger hole to accommodate the fittings on the end of your unit. I should have measured the combined fittings dimensions before they drilled the hole.Given that I ended up disassembling part of the hose and section unit for the soap dispenser in order to pre-assemble the unit for installation. I still had to reach way up behind the new sink with an extension tool up behind the sink to make the final connection. That connection was really no big deal but if I hadn't had the experience that I do and knowing how to use the correct tool it could have leaked and been and major problem for someone who has never done this kind of thing before. I think that if your buyers knew that they should ask for a larger diameter hole in their countertops to accommodate your fittings would be beneficial. Again this is just my opinion.

All Dishmaster faucets fit what was at one time a standard hole size of 1-3/8 inch. Now that custom countertops have become so prevalent it is important to communicate with the countertop manufacturer in advance. The specifications for all Dishmaster faucets are available online and are also on the faucet packaging. We are sorry your top provider did not have that information in advance but don't know what more we could have done about it.

James F. (Fenton, MI, US)

worked like a charm love your products. we have had a dishmaster faucet sine 1971