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    Water supply must be shut off. Pliers are not normally required for this installation. If you find that you must use pliers, take care to not over tighten the components.

    Remove flange nuts from hose guides


    Install Extension Rings

    • Screw a white extension ring onto each hose guide until it stops against shoulder on inside of ring.

    Install Extension Tubes

    • Screw a black extension tube into each extension ring until it stops against shoulder on inside of ring.

    Place faucet on sink/countertop per installation instructions

    Install Spacers and Flange Nuts

    • If extension rings extend below the counter top, place one or more gray spacers over valve body and hose guide as needed to cover extension ring threads.
    • Screw flange nuts onto hose guides.

    Refer to Owner’s Manual for completion of your faucet installation.

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