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      Customer Reviews

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      Fixed the Diverta problem

      Great products & service!

      I purchased a taller spout, and a few other items for my dish master faucet, and also had a few questions they answered right away. I love their customer service, and highly recommend their products!

      Parts v Faucet

      The parts that came were great. The faucet I purchased more problematic. Out of the box the faceplate was peeling from the bottom. And installed, properly with tape and dope where applicable, it leaks (drips) from the hose attachment area. I like the design, and the parts seem made OK, but two issues straight from the box merits a 3, average.

      We attempted to contact you July 28 when you placed a parts order and left this comment: 'My M-76 was just purchased but the faceplate is damaged. The 'decal' is peeling off pretty heavy from the bottom. If this is normal, I probably don't want any new faceplates as it will just happen again. Otherwise, rather than going through the hassle of return and replace, I'll just purchase a new chrome one and get a black for fun.' Because you have not responded to our attempts to contact you, nor have you submitted a warranty registration, we do not know where you purchased your faucet, whether is was new or used, nor how old it is. Use of tape and dope are not appropriate for attaching the hose as it is a compression fitting.
      Great product!

      We recently upgraded our Dishmaster Imperial faucet by adding the 4" higher spout and retro faceplate. We love them both. The faceplate gives it a nice look and the higher spout makes rinsing dishes much easier. Both are a great upgrade if you have a standard faucet.

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