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    Dishmaster M76BK Imperial Four, Black
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 97 reviews
    Greatest Kitchen Tool Ever.

    Everyone in my family has a DishMaster. They have seen mine and loved it so much they bought one too. This is by far the best kitchen tool yet. I cook dinner for my elderly Mother and find that dishMastering the dishes as I go makes final clean-up a breeze. No kitchen should be without one. I am moving to a new house and the DishMaster was the first thing to buy for it. At this point, I do not think I could live without a DishMaster.


    I love my dish master. It makes things go a lot smoother in the kitchen.


    This was a replacement for an old M76 that was worn out. We've had many Dishmasters over the years. we are very happy.


    this one replaces an older one, plus years. I miss the rubber stopper that is used to clear the soap dispenser tubing. Still a great product.

    Although not required to properly back flush your faucet, the rubber stopper is available: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/collections/tools/products/dishmaster-faucet-p0619-back-flush-plug
    Love it❤️

    Great company quick service easy ordering swift delivery.
    Our house built in the early 50’s came with the Dishmaster.
    We purchased a house in 1987 and have replaced the Dishmaster one other time.
    It was easy to install taking my husband about 15 minutes start to finish. I love using it and find that it’s quality is good, with a minimum of care it can last for many many years.
    With the online ordering it’s easy to get parts if you do need to repair the one you have so I will highly recommend using this company and not worry about being able to get parts they will help you.
    Richard & Jill Santa Barbara, Calif.🇱🇷

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