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      Karen E. (Bakersfield, CA, US)
      Not entirely left-hand friendly

      I love the look of the M76 and was happy to see it could be modified for lefties. I even promised my right-handed family that I would do all of the dishes forever, if I could only install it “my” way. It is true that I can easily wield the brush with my left hand, but the left-handed-ness stops there. The brush still has to be “parked” in the right-hand position, making retrieval and parking of the brush wand rather problematic. Just consider how many time you will pick up and put down that wand in the course of a day! Another drawback is that the hose must now cross over the unit when the brush wand is put on the holder, and unless you twist it into a figure 8 it will flop over the faucet spout and get in everybody’s way. And you’ll have to untwist the hose next time you use it. I think the M76XL would have been a better solution but I didn’t have an extra hole on my sink without losing my dishwasher air-gap or r/o faucet.

      Please see the solution we emailed to you for moving the holder clip to the opposite side of the detergent tank lid.



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