TS7 - Back Flush M76 and Older Models

TS7 - Back flush M76, M76XL, older models

The detergent you add to your tank may congeal and separate from the water over time. The congealed detergent may accumulate in the tank, hose, tube and wand. Sediment and particles that come through the water supply lines may also accumulate. Backflush to wash out the obstructions. Caution: this procedure causes water to flow backward into the detergent tank. The tank could overflow.
  • Remove the brush from the end of the wand.
  • Turn on the water and adjust the temperature to warm.
  • Divert the water from the spout to the wand.
  • Press the end of the wand into the bottom of the sink to restrict the water flow - you will not be able to completely restrict the flow.
  • Press the red button.
  • Water should flow into the tank.
  • Cover the stand tube in the detergent tank with your thumb or finger to force the water flow to flush the small hole at the base of the tube.
  • If necessary, the water pathway from the small hole to the tubing connection may be cleared with a straightened paperclip (or similar) bent to 90° at approx 3/4" - insert the 3/4" end into the small hole up to the 90° bend.
  • Clean the detergent tank.
  • Refill the tank.
  • Reattach the brush to the wand.
Your Dishmaster will work best if you routinely perform this procedure. Make it a habit to take a few moments and backflush every time your tank runs empty and before refilling. back flush backflush unclog un clog