TS7 - Adjust Handles

TS7 - Adjust Handles

  • These instructions are for the hot side. Cold side instructions are in parenthesis ( )
  • Check the temperature of the water that is dripping from the spout to determine whether it is the hot or cold handle that needs adjusted.
  • Remove the screw from the handle.
  • Turn the handle clockwise to the 9:00 o'clock closed position (counter-clockwise to 3 o'clock for cold)
  • Without rotating the handle, pull the handle straight off the stem.
  • While the handle is still pulled off, rotate the handle counter-clockwise one notch (clockwise for cold) - one notch only. Do NOT over tighten.
  • Push the handle straight onto the stem to fully engage the knurls.
  • Turn the handle clockwise to the closed position (counter-clockwise for cold)
  • Reinstall the screw.

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If the drip has slowed but not stopped, repeat the procedure or check to see if it is the other side that is causing the drip.

Follow this procedure anytime in the future that a drip from the spout develops.  Being careful to not over tighten the stems will greatly extend the life of the bibb washers.

If this procedure does not stop the drip, it may be time to replace the valve stem ends. Much less frequently it may be that the valve seats could need to be replaced.