TS27 - Diverter Knob Will Not Stay Up

TS27 - Diverter knob will not stay up

(1) The aerator may have a buildup of lime, or other mineral deposits. There may be an accumulation of congealed detergent and/or sediment and particles that come through the water lines. Follow this procedure to remove the deposits and/or sediment and particles.

  • Cover your sink drain(s) so that no small parts will go down the drain if you drop them.
  • Unscrew the aerator assembly from the end of the spout by turning it counterclockwise (the threads are right hand). If you must use pliers, pad the jaws with a cloth to avoid scratching the surface of the aerator housing.
  • Be certain to capture the black seal. It will sometimes stick to the end of the spout rather than come off with the aerator assembly.
  • Do NOT disassemble the aerator components.
  • Turn the aerator assembly upside down and tap it on the countertop until the accumulation of sediment and particles is removed. It may help to rinse the aerator assembly.
  • If there is buildup of lime or other mineral deposits, soak the aerator assembly in white vinegar.
  • Run water through the spout to wash out any sediment and particles that may remain in the spout.
  • Place the black seal into the aerator assembly.
  • Screw the aerator assembly onto the end of the spout. Hand-tighten only. Do not use pliers.

(2) The water pressure may be high. Lift the diverter knob but do not release it immediately. Hold it for a moment or two to give the water pressure in the spout an opportunity to bleed off before releasing the knob.

(3) The spray disk may be obstructed.

  • Rotate the brush counter-clockwise to engage adapter. Continue turning counterclockwise to unscrew and remove brush, adapter and spray disc.
  • Clear obstructions from holes in spray disc. If the obstruction is lime, soak the disc in white vinegar.
  • Insert spray disc into adapter, ridge on spray disc away from adapter and toward the wand handle.
  • Screw adapter with spray disc onto taper tube.
  • Attach brush to adapter.
  • Rotate brush clockwise to tighten adapter to taper tube.