TS2 - Spout is difficult to swivel and/or a leak at the spout base

Water supply valves need not be shut off but do NOT open the single lever valve until the repair is complete! Remove lime and calcium deposits prior to disassembly. Use white vinegar or a commercially available product. Use NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to lubricate all O-rings and moving parts before reassembly.

Remove Spout

  • Unscrew knurled spout retaining ring
  • Pull spout straight up to remove
Prep for new O-ring
  • Remove the O-ring from the spout base
  • Thoroughly clean the spout base - Do NOT scratch the surface
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of the body - Do NOT scratch the surface
  • Lubricate the exterior surface of the spout base and the interior surface of the body
Assemble Spout
  • Lubricate the new O-ring - 7/8" OD x 11/16" ID x 3/32" CS
  • Place new O-ring in the bottom groove
Install Spout
  • Pull on the knob to hold diverter assembly up into spout - triangle must be aligned in hole
  • Seat spout into the faucet body while continuing to hold the diverter up
  • Tighten knurled spout retaining ring