PA4110 Check Valve Assembly

PA4110 Check Valve Assembly

Water supply need not be shut off.


  • Pull sprayer hose from check valve housing barbs
  • Unscrew check valve housing from accessory hose - hold accessory hose fitting with pliers - do NOT twist accessory hose
  • Pull check valve washer from housing
  • Remove (2) check valves from housing

Assemble Check Valve Housing

  • Insert check valves into housing - end WITHOUT O-ring MUST go in first
  • Insert check valve washer into housing

Attach Check Valve Housing

  • Screw check valve housing onto accessory hose - Hand tighten only at this step
  • Hold accessory hose fitting with pliers - Finish tightening the housing - Once you feel solid resistance, STOP

Attach Sprayer Hose

  • Make sure hoses are not twisted or tangled
  • Apply a small amount of detergent to barbs on housing
  • Press sprayer hose fully onto barbs