P4030-6 Diverter Cartridge

P4030-6 Diverter Cartridge Instructions

This cartridge is auto-off except under conditions of low, extremely high or unreliable water pressure, sediment or particles in water, buildup of lime, salt, iron or other mineral deposits, etc., in which case it must be disengaged manually by the user.

- Be Certain You Are Operating It Correctly:

  • Open the mixer (main) valve to full flow.
  • To engage the diverter, rotate the knob a full 120 degrees (1/3rd rotation) in either direction until it presses against the stop.
  • Hold the knob against the stop for a moment to allow the pressure within the cartridge to adjust.
  • Release the knob.
  • Adjust the mixer (main) valve to the desired temperature and flow.
  • When finished, close the mixer (main) valve quickly rather than slowly.

- Make Certain it Hasn't Accumulated Buildup, Sediment and Particles:

  • Remove the cartridge from the faucet.
  • Place the knob back onto the cartridge.
  • Place the cartridge in a container of 1:1 white vinegar and water solution.
  • While vigorously swishing the cartridge in the solution, rotate the stem in both directions several times to allow the solution to penetrate all internal areas.
  • Remove the knob from the cartridge. Rinse the knob.
  • Allow the cartridge to soak in the solution for several hours.
  • Place the knob back onto the cartridge.
  • Rinse the cartridge to flush sediment and particles by vigorously swishing in a sink or container of water. Rotate the stem in both directions several times while vigorously swishing to flush out all sediment and particles.
  • Reinstall the cartridge.

- Make certain there is a clearance gap between the diverter knob and the faucet body. 



These instructions apply to the 'diverter cartridge' that diverts the water to the wand. It is the smaller of the two valves and not to be confused with the larger 'mixer cartridge' that turns the water on/off and adjusts the temperature.

The water supply valves need not be shut off to make this repair but do NOT open the mixer valve until the repair is complete!

Use properly adjusted pliers to remove and replace the retaining ring. Improperly adjusted pliers and/or too much grip force can distort the ring out-of-round.

  • Unscrew and remove the lever
  • Use a 2.5mm (3/32") hex key to loosen the set screw
  • Pull the knob from the cartridge
  • Unscrew and remove the retaining ring.
  • CAUTION: be prepared for the water that is standing in the spout to drain out when you pull the cartridge. Pull the cartridge from the faucet body.
  • Make sure the 3- loop seal on the face of the cartridge came out with the cartridge and is removed from the faucet body
  • To facilitate insertion, the O-ring on the new cartridge may be lubricated with NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease
  • Make certain the seal is in place
  • There are 6-holes in the bottom of the socket in the faucet body. The two pins on the cartridge must be aligned vertically with the two, smallest diameter, blind holes. IF THE RECTANGULAR "SPRING WINDOW" IS FACING UP, THE PINS ARE ALIGNED PROPERLY. Once the pins are aligned, press the cartridge fully into the faucet body. The O-ring will resist going into the body because it is a close fit. It will feel "springy" due to the O-ring engaging the face of the faucet body. DO NOT strike the cartridge to force it into position. The cartridge must be held straight. Tilting it up/down or left/right will prevent the cartridge from seating properly. When properly installed, the "spring window" on top the cartridge will disappear from view beyond the edge of the faucet body.
  • Screw the retaining ring into the faucet body until it has completely bottomed out. The retaining ring MUST be fully seated. Continue tightening the retaining ring until less than one thread, and as little as no thread, remains visible. If you're having trouble seating the cartridge: tighten the retaining ring, back it off 1/2 turn, wiggle and push the cartridge, tighten the retaining ring. Repeat as necessary until the retaining ring is fully seated.
  • With the set screw UP, place the knob onto the diverter cartridge. Place a dime between the knob and the faucet body to establish a clearance gap.
  • Very firmly tighten the set screw
  • Screw the lever onto the set screw
  • If, after installation, water comes from both the spout and the wand at the same time, the cartridge was not fully seated.