K32315 Spout Section Insert - M2000

K32315 Spout Section Insert - M2000

Water supply valves need not be shut off. Remove lime and calcium deposits prior to disassembly. Use white vinegar or a commercially available product. Use NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to lubricate all O-rings, X-rings, threads and moving parts before reassembly.

Remove Spout

  • Unscrew knurled spout retaining ring.
  • Pull spout straight up to remove.

Remove Insert Components

  • Use 3/16” Allen wrench to unscrew and remove spout section insert assembly.
  • If 8-hole disk remains, bend a paper clip to form a hook to remove the disk.
  • Make certain lower 008 O-ring and 016 O-ring do not remain in spout section.
  • If there is a screen in the spout section cavity, remove and discard.
  • Thoroughly clean spout section cavity.

Install Insert Components

  • Assemble insert as shown
  • Allow 8-hole disk to “float” between 008 O-rings - Do NOT press 8-hole disk onto either 008 O-ring
  • Use 3/16” Allen wrench to install insert assembly in spout section
  • Stop when insert will not turn easily - do not over tighten

Install Spout

  • Pull on knob to hold diverter assembly up into spout - triangle must be aligned in hole
  • Seat spout into the faucet body while continuing to hold diverter up.
  • Tighten knurled spout retaining ring