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      A 1-1/4" minimum diameter hole is required mid-way between the hot and cold supplies. Standard 3-hole and 4-hole sinks have this hole. Other installations may require that you add the hole.


      before installation
      • Remove the cover from the faucet.
      • Remove the existing plastic tube with spring from the detergent tank and the copper tube.
      • Swivel the spout to the straight forward position then lift and remove the existing detergent tank.



      hose guide



      • Install the hose guide and components in the hole as shown.
      • The new detergent tube has two springs in one end of the tube and only one spring in the other end. Attach the end with two springs to the flared copper tube with minimum 3/8" overlap. Lower the other end down through the hose guide.
      • Attach the end with one spring to the detergent tank as shown. 
      • Attach tank corner pads per the illustration.


      after installation
      corner pad instructions


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