K1269 Deck Wand Conversion Kit for M76 Wall Mount

K1269 Deck Wand Conversion Kit for M76 Wall Mount

This installation requires a 1-1/4" minimum diameter hole in your desired location on your sink/countertop. You must create this hole if there is none existing. A 3/4" hole is required in the wall behind the faucet. Mark the location of this hole very carefully so that it is behind the cover. Do NOT drill into the water supply. A third hole is required in the wall beneath the sink.

Front View

before installation

Remove old hose assembly

  • Remove cover from faucet.
  • Pull plastic tube with spring from detergent tank and copper tube.
  • Unscrew hex nut using 3/8” wrench.
  • Remove hose from faucet.

Install new hose

  • Drill a 3/4" hole through the wall in the area indicated by the arrow.
  • Screw the hex nut into the faucet body.
  • Attach the plastic tube with spring to the tank and to the copper tube with minimum 3/8" overlap.
  • Make a hole in the wall beneath the sink. Be sure it is in the same wall cavity as the 3/4" hole you already created. Locate the hole as high above the cabinet floor as possible to insure there is ample hose length when in use. This hole must be 3/4" minimum but a larger hole will make it easier to grasp the hose as it is fed down from above.
  • Insert the free end of the hose into the 3/4" upper hole, lower it down into the wall and pull it out through the lower hole.

Install hose guide.

hose guide
  • Place the escutcheon and O-ring onto the hose guide as shown.
  • Place the assembled hose guide into the hole in your sink/countertop.
  • Screw the flange nut onto the hose guide just tightly enough to assure the O-ring is sealed to the sink/countertop.
  • Push the end of the hose up through the hose guide.

Adjust hose length (optional).

  • Recommended length above the sink/countertop is 30"-36" but hose length may be left as long as you like.
  • If you wish to the cut hose to the recommended (or other) length above the sink/countertop: A) pull the hose up through the hose guide to it's fully extended length B) cut squarely across the hose at the point where you wish to attach the wand.

    Disassemble Spray Tube and Handle

    • Unscrew nut from handle - if pliers are required, pad jaws with a cloth to prevent scratches.
    • Remove the spray tube from the handle
    • Slide handle back along hose and let red button drop out.

    Remove Venturi Assembly 

    • Pull the venturi from the hose. If necessary to facilitate removal, cut the venturi from the hose where shown then cut shallow slits lengthwise in the larger hose section being CAREFUL to not cut so deep as to cut notches into the barbs.


    • Slide handle onto hose, large hose section toward button hole.
    • Slide hose over barbs to shoulder of venturi.
    • Rotate handle and hose so that button hole is down.
    • Drop button into button hole.
    • Slide handle over venturi - spring side of venturi MUST be toward button.
    • Attach spray tube assembly - hand tighten nut.
    • Adjust direction of spray to desired position by rotating spray tube assembly.
    • Tighten nut just firmly enough to hold spray tube in desired position - if pliers are required, pad jaws with a cloth to prevent scratches.


    after installation