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    Water supply need not be shut off for this repair.


    • Rotate brush counter-clockwise to engage adapter. Continue turning counter-clockwise to unscrew and remove adapter and spray disc.
    • Caution - in next steps, do not allow handle to slide backward on black hose. Keep venturi confined within handle.
    • Unscrew handle nut to remove taper tube, handle nut and bushing - if pliers are required, pad jaws with a cloth to prevent scratches.


    • Lubricate bushing, inside and out, with light film of NSF-61 certified silicone (plumbers) grease
    • Place nut onto taper tube.
    • Slide bushing onto taper tube and into nut.
    • Slide nut with bushing to shoulder at end of taper tube.
    • Attach spray tube assembly to handle - hand tighten nut.
    • Insert spray disc into adapter - ridge on spray disc away from adapter.
    • Screw adapter with spray disc onto taper tube.
    • Attach brush to adapter.
    • Rotate brush clockwise to tighten adapter to taper tube.
    • Adjust direction of spray to desired position by rotating spray tube assembly.
    • Tighten handle nut just firmly enough to hold spray tube in desired position - if pliers are required, pad jaws with a cloth to prevent scratches.
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