K1034 Wall Union Instructions

K1034 Wall Unions

Things You May Need: pipe wrench, arc-joint pliers, pipe thread seal tape, #2 Philips screwdriver, tape measure, level, bucket

Plug your sink drain(s) so that no small parts will go down the drain if you drop them.

wall union
  • Wrap the 1/2" water pipes with 3 or 4 turns of pipe thread seal tape.
  • Place wall union washers over the eccentric shoulders of the wall unions.
  • Screw the wall unions onto the 1/2” water pipes. Be sure to keep the wall union washers on the shoulders of the wall unions.
  • As threads tighten, adjust wall unions so they are 8” on center and level.
  • Gently open the hot water supply shut-off valve and allow water to flow until foreign matter no longer comes out. Allow the water to run into the sink or a bucket.
  • Repeat for the cold side.

  • Remove the screws from the faucet handles.
  • Remove the handles from the faucet.
  • Remove the cover retaining rings.
  • Remove the cover and face plate.
  • Remove the hose retainer and hose from the cover.
  • Place the O-rings in the grooves in the face of the wall unions. Applying a small amount of silicone plumber's grease or vaseline to the O-rings will help hold them in place. O-rings MUST be used for proper installation. Failure to install the O-rings WILL cause the faucet to leak.
  • Loosely attach the wall unions to the valve seats by screwing the union coupling nuts to the wall unions. Do NOT tighten at this time.
  • After both coupling nuts have been attached to the wall unions, firmly tighten the union coupling nuts. These are not tapered pipe threads and should not be over-tightened. The watertight seal is made by the O-rings.
  • Reinstall the hose clip and hose onto the cover.
  • Reinstall the cover and face plate.
install wall
  • Reinstall the knurled cover retaining rings.
  • Slightly engage the spline on the handle with the spline on the hot valve stem and turn clockwise until the valve is just snug (counter-clockwise for cold side).
  • Remove the handle.
  • Position the handle in front of the stem at the 7 o’clock position (5 o’clock for cold side).
  • Reinstall the handle by fully engaging the spline.
  • Reinstall the screw.
  • Turn the handle fully clockwise to close the faucet valve (counter-clockwise for cold side).
  • Unscrew the aerator assembly from the end of the spout. Be certain to remove the black seal along with the aerator. It will sometimes stick to the spout rather than come off with the aerator.
  • Gently open the hot water supply shut-off valve. Examine the fittings to make sure there are no leaks. If there is a leak, tighten the fitting enough to stop the leak.
  • Repeat for the cold water side.
  • Slowly open the faucet valve handles. It is not unusual for air or air/water mixed to come out until the water lines fully refill with water. Allow the water to run until the air is out of the lines and foreign matter has flushed from the lines. Close the faucet valve handles.
  • Check again for leaks. When all is well, re-attach the aerator assembly.