K0264 Needle Valve

K0264 Needle Valve Kit

Water supply need not be shut off. Plug the drain(s). These are small parts.


  • Unscrew nut from handle
  • Slide Handle Back Along Hose, let red button drop out
  • In this step be prepared to capture the spring. It is under tension. Press down on spring with 1/4" screwdriver between hooked ends of yoke. Release hooked ends of yoke from spring.
  • Spread ends of yoke apart.
  • Pull yoke and needle valve with tip away from venturi - make certain black needle valve tip is removed.
  • Clean the venturi to make certain there is no sediment or particles - the two small holes at the needle valve tip MUST be clear and free of obstructions.

Assemble Venturi

  • Lubricate needle valve tip with NSF-61 certified silicone (plumbers) grease
  • Place needle valve into slot in yoke.
  • Place yoke over venturi so that needle valve enters hole in venturi body.
  • Place spring into cavity in venturi.
  • Press spring down with 1/4" screwdriver and squeeze yoke so both hooked ends engage over top of spring.

Assemble Handle

  • Rotate handle and hose so that button hole is down.
  • Drop button into button hole.
  • Slide handle over venturi - spring side of venturi MUST be toward button.
  • Attach spray tube assembly - hand tighten nut.
  • Adjust direction of spray to desired position by rotating spray tube assembly.
  • Tighten nut just firmly enough to hold spray tube in desired position.