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    Water supply need not be shut off for this repair. Straight copper tube, barbed plastic tube and brass nut are not used for this repair.


    • Pull hose from barbed check valve housing - cut black hose if necessary.
    • Remove plastic tube from flared copper tube.
    • Remove flared copper tube from hose.
    • Lift wand and remove hose from hose guide.
    • Unscrew handle nut - if pliers are required, pad jaws with a cloth to prevent scratches.
    • Slide handle completely off hose.
    • Allow red button to drop out.

    Reassemble Handle and Spray Tube

    • Slide handle onto new hose with large hose segment toward button hole.
    • Rotate handle and hose so that button hole is down.
    • Drop button into button hole.
    • Slide handle over venturi - spring side of venturi MUST be toward button.
    • Attach spray tube assembly - hand tighten the nut.
    • Adjust direction of spray to desired position by rotating spray tube assembly.
    • Tighten nut just firmly enough to hold spray tube in desired position.

    Attach Hose

    • Insert hose down through hose guide and seat wand in hose guide.
    • Insert small end of 'U' shaped flared copper tube into small hose section approx 3/4" - it will be helpful to lightly apply dish detergent to copper tube before insertion.
    • Press plastic tube over flared copper tube.
    • Insert barbed end of check valve housing, to shoulder, into large hose section - it will be helpful to lightly apply dish detergent to barbed area before insertion.
    • Make certain check valve housing threads have not been loosened during repair.
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