2018 Tank Assembly

2018 Detergent Tank Assembly

tank assembly

U-shaped tube has 2 small holes in its side. One of these holes is at the bottom of the “U”, and the other is near one end of the tube.

The end of the tube that does have a hole in the side is attached to the tank lid with the vent tube plug (small thumb tack shaped piece).

The end of the tube that does not have a hole in the side is inserted through the hole in the lid of the detergent tank and protrudes from the top of the lid approximately 1 inch.

Attach corner protectors: clean and dry corners, peel off the adhesive cover, apply the protector to the corner, press and hold. 

Your Dishmaster will not function properly if tubes are not assembled correctly. Tube-to-tube connections must have minimum overlap as shown and must be airtight.

hose connections