K0232 Detergent Tube and Spring

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$ 5.10 USD
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Replacement tube and spring fits K1087 Detergent Tank.

0232 x s0232 x 232 soap tank 556

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Terry K. (Temple City, CA, US)

Sure nice to be able to purchase parts for a faucet I purchased 30-40 years ago! Just had to soften tubing ends with hot water to facilitate installation. Worked perfectly, thanks

Hayden C. (Malibu, CA, US)
K0232 Detergent Tube and Spring and PJ0290

40 Year customer. bought new unit 3-2020, parts wear out 11-20. bought K0232 replacement. issue is PJ0290 Hose Tube.
PJ0290 is a flawed part, made of copper, copper is good, but Foreign Copper, not good.
could probably do a copper contamination test, but understand poor metal when I see it.
Suggested maybe Stainless on this part to company, might cost another dollar or 2?
Generally, dishmaster quality isn't what it used to be.
customer service was very help,thanks you.
still not too happy because shouldnt have happen in the first place.

Please check the detergent you are using to make sure that it does not contain citrus. The acid will quickly deteriorate copper. Please refer to the manual. The country of origin of the copper tubing is the United States: https://www.mcmaster.com/7190K75/ The Dishmaster model you have has been in production for 44 years and the quality has not declined.

Leonard O. (Empire, MI, US)

I received the parts and fixed the problem.