K1234 Hose and Wand Assembly

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$ 75.89
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This is Standard length for:

  • M76 Imperial Four
  • M87 Solaric
  • M59 Imperial III
  • M59 Imperial
  • M52 Deluxe


1234 handle 279 x 254 x 0254 x 255 x 287

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ronald B. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Hose was replaced effortlessly

I have repaired the previous hose for minor problems and I was familiar putting the new hose in place. I did have a slight problem after installation since the soap connection disconnected and I had to partially disassemble the unit to secure the soap connection. No bid deal!

However, I would suggest a slight edit on your repair video. The actor said to turn the red and blue valve assemblies in different directions. He needs to state that you need to turn the valves in place off before turning the water lines on again. If youdon't turn off the faucets, the water continues to flow.

Thank you,
San Francisco, CA

Herb E. (Monterey, CA, US)
wand replacement

Thank you for your speedy delivery of the new wand assembly.
Instructions were concise and there was no problem switching
wands. All functions work flawlessly, and there are no leaks.

MerlT (Sterling Heights, MI, US)
Hose and wand assembly

I was really pleased on how quickly my order was processed. And everything I ordered was shipped an functioned properly.