K1178 Aerator Assembly

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Splash-free stream is well aerated and soft to the touch. Integrated anti-liming Honeycomb® replaces conventional wire mesh screens prone to lime build up. Anti-clogging dome screen filters sediment and particles.

1.75 gpm @ 60 psi

Thread size 55/64-27 UNS-2B

1178 x 1179 x 1076 x 1081 x 278 x 225 x 1177 x 4250 screen ful flo ful-flo fullflo full flow 534 x 627

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nicholas S. (Hawthorne, CA, US)
This is the BEST Aerator I’ve ever used!

I have a very deep laundry sink with a wall mounted Dishmaster (a distance of about 30 inches) and with this aerator the water does not slash at all! I have a set of these in my retro kitchen, but they are near 20 years old and that aerator had begin to splash a bit, so Ive ordered a new one for that unit as well. I have very hard water so it has probably been clogged with minerals. As near as I can tell they can’t be completely disassembled for cleaning, but with a life of over 10 years, I’m more than satisfied. When you order, just be sure to specify the one with the swivel and stream adjustment.

James W. (Brighton, MI, US)
Replacement of Aerator Assembly

Fast delivery, quality part, excellent service. Couldn't have gone any easier.

Richard W.R. (Livermore, CA, US)
Dishmaster aerator and filter

The old Dishmaster aerator and filter at the end of the faucet had become plugged to the point I could not clean it. I therefore ordered a replacement. It arrived in short order. The old Dishmaster has returned to like-new performance. Hurrah!
It is great to be able to buy all replacement parts directly from Dishmaster. It is a fine service for those of us who appreciate the great products offered.