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      • The M76XL has class and style for any kitchen and is perfect for MidCentury Modern and Retro. This version installs on your sink or countertop for right or left hand use. The hose stores out of sight beneath the sink when not in use. Three brushes are included.
      • Why Dishmaster? The convenient wand delivers hot, soapy water at the touch of a button then simply release the button for a clear water rinse. Scrape, wash, rinse, done in one easy motion. The diverter automatically returns to the closed position when the water flow is turned off. An easily accessible detergent reservoir is conveniently located in the faucet.
      • All your dishes and cookware clean easily with a Dishmaster. Save energy, detergent and water by using only just what you need to get the job done. Great as a pre-rinse for the dishwasher. Safe for china and crystal. Perfect for electric cookware, pots & pans, skillets and coffee pots.
      • THIS FAUCET DOES NOT WALL MOUNT. 4-HOLES ARE REQUIRED. Fits all standard 4-hole sinks.
      • Brass, Copper, ABS construction. Manufactured in the USA.

      Follow these links to dig into the details:

      Gallery - see it in other people's kitchens

      Video - See how it works

      Specifications - see how the faucet fits on your sink, countertop or wall

      Compare - Height and Reach of Spouts on Dishmaster Faucets

      Warranty - Limited Manufacturers Warranty

      Manual - How to operate and maintain your faucet

      Installation - How to install your faucet

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      Chris S. (Vernon, NY, US)
      love it

      we love it, very handy to use, don't think we could live with out one now. I wish I would have bought one sooner.

      Justin D. (Ferdinand, IN, US)
      Wonderful addition

      Love the faucet! Very well made. The support the company gives is wonderful as well. An awesome addition to our kitchen.

      Christine D.R. (Troy, NY, US)
      Not worth the money

      This is a bad design. The chromed plastic is constantly covered in water stains. The open back allows all kinds of garbage to accumulate with no way to clean unless the the faucet is uninstalled. The strayer only works if the water is on and the pressure is strong enough so it takes two hands!
      I am so sorry I wasted my money on this!! Do not buy it.

      No matter the underlying surface material, chrome is chrome. If the water is leaving stains, it is a result of whatever is in the water being left behind after the water evaporates, usually lime.
      Not sure how garbage is getting in the back of your faucet. An optional backplate is available but usually only recommended for island or peninsula installations. The faucet does not have to be uninstalled to access the inside. See this video:
      The water does have to be on in order to come out of the sprayer. If the pressure is too high, simply reduce the flow by adjusting the hot/cold knobs to a lower setting.



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