Dishmaster M76XLBK Imperial Four XL, Black

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$ 339.99
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  • 3-brushes are included.
  • Customize your faucet by selecting your choice of spout height/length and face plate design/color. Like it as it's pictured? Just select "NO, I WANT THE STANDARD . . ."
  • Accessories are displayed and made available for your convenience. And, save 15% when you order them along with your faucet.
  • The M76XL has class and style for any kitchen and is perfect for MidCentury Modern and Retro. This version installs on your sink or countertop for right or left hand use. The hose stores out of sight beneath the sink when not in use. Three brushes are included.
  • Why Dishmaster? The convenient wand delivers hot, soapy water at the touch of a button then simply release the button for a clear water rinse. Scrape, wash, rinse, done in one easy motion. The diverter automatically returns to the closed position when the water flow is turned off. An easily accessible detergent reservoir is conveniently located in the faucet.
  • All your dishes and cookware clean easily with a Dishmaster. Save energy, detergent and water by using only just what you need to get the job done. Great as a pre-rinse for the dishwasher. Safe for china and crystal. Perfect for electric cookware, pots & pans, skillets and coffee pots.
  • THIS FAUCET DOES NOT WALL MOUNT. 4-HOLES ARE REQUIRED. Fits all standard 4-hole sinks.
  • Brass, Copper, ABS construction. Manufactured in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Goes great in our kitchen. Works wonderful.

Nathan S. (Durham, NC, US)
Be the Master of Your Dishes

I recently redid my kitchen and upgraded to a single stalk faucet purchased from a national home repair chain. It was pretty, and the design was cool with the sprayer built in the faucet. However, the small plastic pipes that carried the water were no bigger and a straw. So often my water would just trickle. Can you imagine trying to clean your tea pitcher with trickling water. Ugh! I had to figure out what to do. Then I came across the Dishmaster. I think I saw it on a Facebook site that specialized in mid-century stuff. It hit me like lightning. I remembered my best friend from Junior High, Terry, his family had one of these, in the early 70s. Best of all, the water pipes were separate, so they were the size of a dime, as opposed to a straw, so getting a good supply of water was no problem. I found the website, call the company, and they were very helpful. I bought the best one, Imperial in white, installed it myself. I had to do it four times, but it was just because I was not versed in installation. But I knew immediately what I did wrong. I love it. It makes cleaning a breeze. There's also a quality feel about it. the insides are not plastic, they are steel or metal. And of course the styling. It's a style of it's own. Reminds one of their childhood, but it's different, because it adapted with the times. I have shown my new faucet to all of my friends and they are impressed. If I had to offer a suggestion, the installation instructions used a lot of terms I just wasn't familiar with. I couldn't follow it. So I just installed it without consulting all of the individual steps. This caused some anxiety, but it worked out in the end. Perhaps an appendix is necessary to describe what each part is would help, or just note the name of the part where it's on the diagram.

Laura J. (Freeport, TX, US)
Love Our Dishmaster!

We bought our home in 2000, when it was already 50 years old. After working hard to pay it off in 2018, we started doing some much needed updates, but made sure they were in keeping with the age and style of our home. We have a 1951 Chambers stove ("Gladys Grace") and I started researching other features to complement Gladys Grace. I learned about the Dishmaster through the Retro Renovation blog and somewhere in my oldest memories, I'm pretty sure my grandmother had one of these when I was a kid. Decided to go for it -- and we love it! We love how it looks and how it works. A couple of thoughts after having it a year -- we ordered the chrome, and while a wipe down minimizes water spots, they are still a bit of a challenge, but part of that is probably because we are on a water well. I love how it's possible to order replacement parts, and I'm thinking about ordering a white cover and faucet handles to switch out, because that may help make those faint water spots less noticeable. I also need to order a longer hose for the brush handle because the size of our sink and the placement of the holes prevents reaching the left side of the sink with the brush (for fully rinsing the sink after scrubbing it). These are just customization choices that are personal preference and have nothing to do with how truly AWESOME our Dishmaster is!