Dishmaster M76WE Imperial Four, White

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  • 3-brushes are included.
  • Customize your faucet by selecting your choice of spout height/length, face plate design/color and hose length. Like it as it's pictured? Just select "NO, I WANT THE STANDARD . . ."
  • Choose just the right hardware for your installation. Are you replacing an existing faucet of the same model and the existing hardware is in good condition? You can even select "NO MOUNTING HARDWARE". You'll save money and reduce installation time.
  • Accessories are displayed and made available for your convenience. And, save 15% when you order them along with your faucet.
  • The M76 Imperial Four has class and style for any kitchen and is perfect for MidCentury Modern and Retro. Installs on your sink/countertop or on the wall/ledgeback.
  • Why Dishmaster? The convenient wand delivers hot, soapy water at the touch of a button then simply release the button for a clear water rinse. Scrape, wash, rinse, done in one easy motion. The diverter automatically returns to the closed position when the water flow is turned off. An easily accessible detergent reservoir is conveniently located in the faucet.
  • All your dishes and cookware clean easily with a Dishmaster. Save energy, detergent and water by using only just what you need to get the job done. Great as a pre-rinse for the dishwasher. Safe for china and crystal. Perfect for electric cookware, pots & pans, skillets and coffee pots.
  • Sink or countertop installation requires two holes on 8" centers and fits all standard 3-hole and 4-hole sinks.
  • Wall installation requires two 1/2" MIP threaded pipes on 8" centers (6" to 10" centers with optional K1037 Wall Unions). The wall/ledgeback mounting hardware allows for both vertical and horizontal adjustment.
  • Brass, Copper, ABS construction. Manufactured in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 271 reviews
Karen G. (Ypsilanti, MI, US)
Faucet (spout)

I would like the option of a different spout on the units that are top mounted with the soap dispenser on top also. I don’t like the looks of the spout that comes with that unit. I see that the under cabinet units give you an option for different spout. How about a choice for the top mounted?
I really do like the dish master. I’ve had one for years and so glad to finally get a new one with the kitchen remodeling.

Thanks for letting us know. There are four different spout options for the Imperial Four faucets and we see that you did select one of those. The design of the diverter on the Imperial Four models precludes spout styles such as those on the Sapphire models.

Sonia F. (San Diego, CA, US)
Glad to have it

Our replacement Dishmaster (for a very old one) was a pleasure to have installed on October 25, 2023. It's so easy to scrub and rinse dishes quickly, dry them and put them away. There's no stack of dirty dishes to clutter the kitchen counter top.

Susan S. (Cambridge, MN, US)
Great Product - Family Tradition

This is our fourth Dishmaster. The first two lasted twenty and fifteen years each; the third one only three years and we had trouble with it after the first year. After trying many repairs and several plumbers' bills, we decided to bite the bullet and get a new one. The Dishmaster people helped us as much as they could, and I appreciate that and their speedy attention each time I called. I think the new one will be fine. Why Dishmaster? We've never had space for a dishwasher, so a Dishmaster is the next best thing. Several people in the household have dry skin conditions, and a Dishmaster helps keep their hands out of the water. Also, a Dishmaster makes it easy to wash as you go during the day and keep the dishes from piling up in the sink. BTW, when each child purchased their first home, their new home gift was a Dishmaster.