K1079 Cold Water Valve Assembly

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$ 25.61 USD
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Cold water valve stem replacement

Includes K0858 Torque-free Valve End and K1075 Cold Valve Stem Bushing


Instructions - Older Models

1079 valve stem 1226 x 1227 x 1228 x 262

Customer Reviews

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Morgan M. (Paderno Dugnano, 25, IT)

I was quire disappointed being your customer since many decades that you would not send my purchase directly to me as before . I had to go through friends in England with extra postage to be paid and asking favours.

We wish it wasn't so but the EU has effectively prevented us from shipping into any EU country. Look at this site for details regarding Regulation (EU) 2019/1020, commonly referred to as the “fifth” economic operator:

Adolph F. (Tujunga, CA, US)

waiting for my refund of the k31230 valve seats and union o-rings x 1 usd $28.23 that I returned
other wise everything else was PERFECT ! THANKS, ADOLPH

Your refund was issued eleven days ago. We sent an email notification. You can monitor the status of your refund by checking your credit card account.

Michael E.B. (Adrian, MI, US)
Like new

20 year old Solaric back to working like new. Perfect instructions, easy to follow and execute. Thank you Dishmaster.