P0619 Back Flush Plug

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Insert into the brush adapter to block the water flow from the spray disc when back flushing.

backflush backflushing

Customer Reviews

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Mitch P. (Denver, CO, US)
Not a Fan

Thought this would be the ideal solution but it doesn’t really effectively seal the wand and water sprays EVERYWHERE! I’ll go back to the brushless wand pressed into a sponge in the bottom of the sink.

NOTHING stops all the water from coming out of the wand when back flushing. Even when using the plug rather than a sponge, it needs to be pressed down against the bottom of the sink. The goal is to obstruct the flow enough that some water runs back into the detergent reservoir.

Fred B. (Dallas, TX, US)
Tools for a happy Dishmaster

The Back Flush Plug is one of tools used for a healthy dishmaster . The Detergent Tank needs maintenance also the Detergent also causes problems along with others . The to use is
straw brush to clean the pickup tube and its small opening at the bottom. The brush causes back flush . Then flush out the Detergent tank . I have made up a premix 40 oz in a 50 oz container in a clear or semi clear container . The soap dose start to jell shake to remix .

Jan R.
Back Flush Plug

The back-flush plug works GREAT!!!