K0285 Brush Assortment

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Set of 4

Two Black, one White, one Orange Dishmaster brushes.

0285 x s0285 x 285 difference between brushes compare brushes

Customer Reviews

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George G. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Long time ​Dishmaster user

I've had a Dishmaster since the early eighties. Its ability to use hot water a brush at the push of a button add soap and at the release of a button, rinse is unequaled in the industry.

Robert G. (San Diego, CA, US)
Gives good options for cleaning

The black brush head (the least stiff of the brush heads) is our go-to option for most dish cleaning. It works sufficiently well on the majority of our dirty dishes. For the occasional heavy clean-up needs ( ie: the air-fryer basket that has breading baked onto it.), changing to one of the stiffer bristle brush heads (white = medium; orange = stiffest) can make scrubbing off the residue a bit easier and quicker. Buying the combination pack and having the extra options waiting under the sink is keeping our black brush heads from being mangled out of shape as quickly as they have been in the past. I find the combo-pack is worth buying.

The important thing to remember, no matter which head you’re using, is to spray down any “hot” items to cool them off before actually scrubbing them down with the Dishmaster wand. This will help prevent the brush bristles from being deformed from coming in contact with high heat.

Richard G. (San Diego, CA, US)
Nice assortment

Good assortment of brushes, much cheaper that purchasing one at a time.