K0283 White Brushes

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$ 15.99 USD
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Package of 2

Off-white translucent

Stiffer bristles than Black brush

.015 diameter straight Nylon 6.12 filament

Approximate bristle count 1,452

283 x 0283 difference between brushes compare brushes

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Billy C. (Claremont, CA, US)
K0283 White Brushes

The K0283 white brushes are a perfect stiffness for doing everyday dishes. They are better than the black brushes which are too soft in my opinion.

Dean C. (Papillion, NE, US)
White Brushes

white brushes are working great. The black brushes are great for some things where care is needed to the object to be cleaned and general light food but to remove more stubborn material the white brushes are better.

Patricia Y. (Plainwell, MI, US)
White brush a winner!

Tried the white brush after years of only using black. They’re just a tad tougher…perfect when you want to get that fried egg gunk off the spatula! Works great and I don’t have to get out the scrubby cloth from under the sink!