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    Dishmaster M65SLA Sapphire Low Arc Satin
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    Awesome Faucet!

    I’ve been a Dishmaster pioneer user since the mid-1980’s and just finished putting approximately 18 years on the model M2000. Since it was unable to be disassembled for leakage repair, we cut it off and replaced it with your M65SLA Sapphire Low Arc Satin faucet. This piece of machinery is a DREAM! I can’t recommend it more highly!

    A Challenge to Install, a Dream to Use

    Actually, installation for the handy do-it-yourselfer is simple and straightforward, except when it comes to tightening the hardware that holds everything in place. The nut that secures the faucet itself is obviously made to take a special wrench, which is neither supplied nor named (so that it can be found at a tool or hardware store). It is a serious pain to reach up under the sink with tongue-and-groove pliers to tighten it. The hose guide tube spins around in its escutcheon when trying to secure it with the lock nut, and is difficult to hold while spinning the nut up its length. The faucet water hose fittings are 3/8" and adapters are not provided for the 1/2" nipples found on most stop valves. You may find yourself on a trip or two to the hardware store for some unexpected expenses; one star off for all of that.

    Operation, though, is a dream. This faucet has all the advantages of a single-hole mount, "stanchion"-styled faucet in being out of the way, simple to use and easy to keep clean. I chose the low-arc design (since the angle design was sold out) for the extra reach into my sink. I bought the spray head to replace the stock aerator so that the water stream can reach any part of my sink. Even with that in place, the spout still arcs high enough to clear my largest cookware pieces, and swivels well out of the way so that the wand and brush may be used. If you have a deck-mount sink, the extra few dollars for this faucet makes it the obvious choice over the Imperial or Century models.

    But the best feature is Dishmaster customer support and service. These people will take the TIME to troubleshoot any problem you may encounter with your faucet, whether it be the new M65 Sapphire you just bought from them, or your vintage 1950's M52 Deluxe that you found on eBay. Amazing! Please support with your business the people who continue to develop this labor-saving device long after the original company gave up on it.

    Hi Jeff. You are right about reaching up under the sink being a pain. We have revised the installation instructions to add a note about having a helper to hold things topside while you tighten them from beneath the sink. However, a special wrench is not required to tighten the nut. Once it is screwed all the way up to the sink/countertop by hand, tightening the two screws is what holds it in place.
    Great customer service.

    When we bought our home, it had the old style Dishmaster faucet. I didn't appreciate the look of it and determined that would be the first thing we replaced in the house. But then I used it. I loved the ease of use and the great way it cleaned. So the old one stayed until we remodeled the kitchen. Now we have the Sapphire low arc faucet. I still love how easy it is to use and am very happy with our choice. We've had a little dripping from the brush handle side of the faucet. Dishmaster's customer service has been fantastic in resolving our concern. I have and will continue to recommend their faucets.

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