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    Dishmaster M70CPLA Sapphire Low Arc, Chrome
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    I was reluctant to buy a Dishmaster as the only one I'd used was as temperamental as a British sports car. But my partner loves them, so I caved but bought one of the new designs with ceramic valve seats, etc. to minimize maintenance.


    Leaked when I got it, ordered new parts. Good for a couple of weeks, then the sprayer sometimes didn't turn off all the way, so the user sprayed water somewhere- on the window, counter, self. Now it's leaking again, just like the first time. Spent nearly $300 for this thing in July, nothing but trouble. Just like the Detroit Lions; new and improved design, same disappointing performance. Now I'll be emailing again, asking for more parts so I can waste more time trying to get a FAUCET to function correctly.

    We're sorry you're having trouble with your faucet. Based on the information provided, we suspect your water pressure may be toward the high side. We're sending a cartridge that is more compatible with higher water pressure.
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