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    These instructions apply to the 'mixer cartridge' that turns the water on/off and adjusts the temperature. It is the larger of the two valves and not to be confused with the smaller 'diverter cartridge' that diverts the water to the wand .

    The water supply valves MUST BE SHUT OFF to make this repair!

    Remove Cartridge

    • Unscrew and remove lever
    • Use 2.5mm Allen wrench to loosen set screw
    • Pull knob from cartridge
    • Unscrew and remove cap
    • Unscrew and remove retaining ring
    • Pull cartridge w/seal from faucet body

    Insert Cartridge

    • The (2) pins on the cartridge must align with two (2) holes in the faucet body
    • Once the pins are aligned press the cartridge fully into the faucet body - Do NOT strike the cartridge to force it into position


    • Screw retaining ring into faucet body until it is snug
    • Screw cap onto retaining ring to faucet body
    • Place knob onto cartridge
    • Tighten set screw
    • Screw lever onto set screw
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