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      These instructions apply to the 'mixer cartridge' that turns the water on/off and adjusts the temperature. It is the larger of the two valves and not to be confused with the smaller 'diverter cartridge' that diverts the water to the wand.

      The water supply valves MUST BE SHUT OFF to make this repair!

      Remove Cartridge

      • Unscrew and remove mixer lever
      • Use 2.5mm Allen wrench to loosen set screw
      • Pull mixer knob from mixer cartridge
      • Unscrew and remove mixer cap
      • Unscrew and remove retaining ring. There are four 'tabs' on retaining ring face. Place tips of a pair of needle nose pliers against two opposing tabs. Rotate counter-clockwise.
      • Pull mixer cartridge from faucet body
      • Make sure mixer seal is removed with mixer cartridge

      Insert Cartridge

      • The (2) pins on the mixer cartridge must align with two (2) holes in the faucet body.
      • Once the pins are aligned press the cartridge fully into the faucet body - Do NOT strike the cartridge to force it into position.


      • Screw retaining ring into faucet body until it is snug
      • Screw mixer cap onto retaining ring to faucet body
      • Place mixer knob onto mixer cartridge
      • Tighten set screw
      • Screw mixer lever onto set screw
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