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    M70 Sapphire - Things To Know

    The M70 Sapphire is designed for sink or countertop installation on surfaces up to 1.75" thick and fits all standard 2, 3 and 4-hole sinks. Only two holes on minimum 4” centers are required. Please refer to the specification sheets and example installations.
    We strongly recommend that you have hot and cold shut-off valves located under the sink and we believe flexible supply lines are the most convenient way to connect your water supply for a sink/countertop installation.
    Your Dishmaster is designed to use liquid detergents. Do not attempt to use soaps or soap powders. We recommend Dishmaster® Liquid Detergent Concentrate. Other name brand liquid detergents may work in your Dishmaster. Do not use detergents with lotion additives. Avoid detergents that appear opaque or cloudy rather than transparent.
    If you have chosen an Arced Spout: water flow may not immediately stop after the lever handle is closed.  This is a normal characteristic of any arced spout.  After the valve is closed there is still residual water past the arc of the spout and gravity will pull this water from the spout. If your water pressure is high enough it may (immediately or over time) force the air from the peak of the spout and create a vacuum.  If so, the water flow will stop immediately when the lever handle is closed.
    Under these two circumstances the diverter valve may not always close:
    • If you divert the water flow to the wand at a very low rate of flow, the diverter valve may not return to the closed position when the main (mixer) valve is closed. Therefore, be visually aware of the position of the diverter valve before you open the main valve to turn the water on the next time.
    • Likewise, the diverter valve may not return to the closed position if the main (mixer) valve is closed slowly. Therefore, close the main valve quickly when you turn the water flow off so that the diverter valve will return to the closed position.
    Every faucet’s longevity is subject to the condition of the water that flows through it. A Dishmaster is no exception. Water quality causes the most variation in the performance of a Dishmaster Faucet and water conditions vary greatly throughout the country. In addition, the unique design of your Dishmaster that allows it to dispense suds at the touch of a button means it has more components than the typical faucet. We have no control over the condition of your water and therefore do not warranty seals or rubber components. However, with proper care, your Dishmaster will give you many years of reliable service. Please take a few minutes to read through the Operation and Maintenance sections and become familiar with the use and care of your Dishmaster.
    We are continuously improving the design and material content of the parts used in our Dishmaster faucets. After development and testing, we incorporate these improvements into production. Any part improved in this manner is interchangeable with the part(s) it replaces. When new style parts are supplied on a parts order they are interchangeable with the old parts.
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