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    Attach brush

    • Engage two lugs on the inside of the brush in the brush adapter slots and rotate 1/4 turn clockwise

    Remove brush

    • Rotate the brush 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and pull off

    Fill Detergent Tank

    • Lift the detergent tank, with hose, into the sink
    • Remove the detergent tank lid
    • Fill the tank with warm water
    • Add four tablespoons liquid detergent concentrate to the tank
    • Gently stir to thoroughly mix the detergent into the water
    • Replace the lid
    • Return the tank to its place beneath the sink

    Refill Detergent Tank

    Before you refill the tank is a perfect time to backflush. Over time, detergent can congeal in the components and deteriorate the performance of your Dishmaster. This is especially likely if your detergent to water ratio is mixed stronger than recommended or if you use a detergent with a lotion additive. Perform the quick backflush routine each time before refilling the tank to keep your Dishmaster in top working condition.

    Use the Wand

    • Turn on the water and adjust the volume and temperature as desired
    • Lift the wand and grip it by the handle
    • Point the brush downward into the sink basin
    • Rotate the diverter lever in either direction
    • Direct the spray onto the dish and press the red button for suds
    • Sweep the brush bristles over the dish to scrub the dish clean
    • Press the brush into the dish to spread the bristles and engage the built-in scraper
    • Release the red button for clear water rinse
    • Turn off the water
    • Replace the wand in the holder
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