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    Detergent Selection

    • Your Dishmaster is designed to use liquid detergents - do not attempt to use soaps or soap powders.
    • We recommend Dishmaster® Liquid Detergent Concentrate. Other name brand liquid detergents may work in your Dishmaster as well.
    • Do not use detergents with lotion additives - do not use detergents that say things such as “lotion”, “makes hands soft”, etc.
    • Do not use detergents that appear cloudy or opaque rather than clear.
    • Do not use detergents with citrus additives, as they may cause premature deterioration of rubber and metal components.

    Mixing Ratio

    • Recommended beginning ratio for mixing detergent solution:
    • If tank is in the faucet: 1 Tablespoon detergent concentrate per container
    • If tank is under the sink: 4 Tablespoons detergent concentrate per container
    • Over time you will be able to adjust the ratio to best suit your local water conditions and your personal preference.

    Fill the Tank

    • To eliminate excessive suds overflow when refilling the detergent tank, first fill the tank with water and then add the detergent to the water. Gently stir to thoroughly mix.

    Backflush Regularly

    Regularly backflush to prevent clogs. The detergent in the solution you put in your tank tends to come out of suspension and congeal over time whenever it sits idle. The congealed detergent may accumulate in the tank, hose or wand components. Particles that come through your water lines may also accumulate. The backflush procedure will wash these out. This procedure will cause water to flow backward into the tank so backflushing is best done when the tank is empty.

    • Place a sponge or dishcloth in the bottom of the sink
    • Remove the brush from the end of the wand
    • Turn on the water and adjust the temperature to warm
    • Press the end of the wand into the sponge or dishcloth to restrict the water flow
    • Divert the water from the spout to the wand
    • Press the red button

    This will wash congealed detergent and accumulated particles out of the hoses and wand and into the tank. Clean any accumulation of congealed detergent and particulate from the tank.  Your Dishmaster will work best if you routinely perform this procedure. Make it a habit to backflush every time your tank runs empty and before refilling. It only takes a few moments.

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