K0858 Extrémités de vannes sans couple

$ 13.45 USD
$ 13.45 USD
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Ensemble de 2 - le chaud et le froid sont identiques

Empêche l'eau de s'écouler de l'extrémité du bec. Remplacez si le réglage de la ou des poignées ne résout pas le problème.

Norme pour :

  • Quatre Impérial M76
  • M76XL Impérial Quatre XL
  • M59 Impérial III

Convient également à ces modèles après le remplacement des tiges d'origine par K1078 K1078 Hot Valve Assembly & K1079 Cold Valve Assembly :

  • M87 Solarique
  • M59 Impérial
  • M52 Deluxe


Instructions : si Valve End ne sort pas

Instructions : anciens modèles

858 x 0858 fin 840 x 0840 x 1226 x 1227 x 1228 rondelle bibb rondelle bavette D1858 DI858 Dl858

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Jerome K. (Orlando, FL, US)
Too Much for Too Little

I have two units, one in Michigan and one in Florida. I may have to change them out for conventional kitchen faucets because repair parts are too expensive and difficult to obtain. It seems that one and two dollar parts are costing 10 and 20 dollars to replace. You have a monopoly on these units and are pricing yourselves out of the market. The next time I need parts I may just go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a conventional faucet.

We don't like inflation any better than you do but with our costs increasing daily we eventually have to raise prices to stay in business. If $13 for two repair parts is breaking your budget, you can save by purchasing just the 11/16 x1/2x3/16 O-rings and the 1/4R flat non-beveled bibb washers from you local hardware or home center. A chart of all the O-rings we use on our products is available on our website. https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/o-ring-application-chart

Jose M. (Montgomery, TX, US)
best source for Dishmaster parts

best and fast service all it took was one phone call

Retired (Elyria, OH, US)
Genuine parts

The service received from your company is always top notch. Parts come promptly and always work well. My last order was for the torque free valve ends and valve seats to repair
a 40+ year old Imperial that had a drip thadjustment wouldn’t stop. Installed the new parts, Dishmaster