Kit de réparation de vanne K2310 avec outil

$ 33.84 USD
$ 33.84 USD
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Tous les composants internes de la vanne pour le modèle M2000 Century.


Vanne à bille 2310 s2310

Customer Reviews

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Scott L. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Great quality, great service

The customer service is outstanding. I called but since they were busy, I was directed to the voice mail. Being short on time myself, I did not leave a VM. 10 minutes later, they called me back. I ordered the parts and they arrived in a few days.
Outstanding service and excellent quality parts!

Chris T. (Traverse City, MI, US)
Crusty faucet

Haven't been able to use it as my Dishmaster 2000 has too much lime buildup in the threads of the plastic retaining nut on top. Tried soaking with cleaning vinegar for many hours and overnight several times but it will not budge for removal. I may have to replace the faucet.

We cannot do anything about the lime problem, but, you can remove the valve retaining cap with the retaining ring still in place. Please carefully read these tips and warnings:
Unscrew chrome valve retaining cap by turning counter-clockwise. If pliers are required, pad the jaws to avoid damage to chrome finishes. IMPORTANT : If any significant amount of force is required, STOP! - lime or other mineral deposits from your water source have seized the threads. If you continue, the copper supply tube may be bent, broken or pulled from the solder joint - Damage is NOT covered under warranty. Wrap a cloth or paper towel around the base of the retaining cap. Pour white vinegar or a commercial lime remover into the area around the ball valve. Make sure it overflows and runs down the inside of the retaining cap into the threads. This is best done a day or two in advance of the repair. If force is still required use one of these methods: 1) have a helper beneath the sink to hold the valve body in place to prevent it from turning while you unscrew the retaining cap. 2) remove the faucet from the sink and soak the entire valve end of the faucet in white vinegar or a commercial lime remover. 3) cut a vertical slot in the side of the retaining cap from top to near bottom (stop short of cutting into the faucet cover). Cut through the cap but no deeper. Insert a screw driver in the slot and twist to break the threads free.

Frederick C. (Dearborn, MI, US)

More trouble than the faucet is worth. I changed it back to regular faucet..

We're sorry that you have had trouble with your M2000. We have no record of your faucet or any issue you might be having with it. If you change your mind and would like to keep your Dishmaster we would be happy to help walk you through any issues over the phone or through email if you need assistance.