K1235 Ensemble tuyau long et tube

$ 84.13 USD
$ 84.13 USD
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Longueur standard pour :

  • M76XL Impérial Quatre XL
  • Siècle M2000
  • M70 & M65 Saphir

Option plus longue de 12" pour

  • Quatre Impérial M76
  • M87 Solarique
  • M59 Impérial III
  • M59 Impérial
  • M52 Deluxe

Instructions - M76XL

Instructions - M2000

Instructions - M70 et M65

Instructions - M76

Instructions K1235

1235 poignée 252 x 0252 279-L 287

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gina W. (Houston, TX, US)

I gave two stars because I haven’t had my dish master long enough that it should need any kind of replacement parts. I’ve used a dishwasher for the majority of my life. My parents had one when I was growing up and I’ve had several throughout 45 years of marriage. They are definitely not made like they used to be. They are poor quality. The soap dispenser I paid extra for has the paint peeling off. The handle to the faucet itself falls off. We’re constantly having to put it back on. We’ve had to make two repairs already to our current faucet. I’m not sure I can really recommend Dishmaster anymore. Very disappointed!

We're sorry you are having trouble with your faucet. If the handle is falling off it is not being attached correctly. Please see these instructions: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/ts6-tighten-a-loose-knob
We see that you have recently ordered a replacement hose and wand assembly. There should be no need. We have no record that you have contacted us regarding any issues. Your faucet has a five year warranty. Please contact us for assistance if there is a problem rather than self-diagnosing and making unnecessary purchases.

Tom V. (New Waverly, TX, US)
Wand assembly

Delivered 3 days after order. Wand assembly complete and improved over original 2015 design. Assembly instructions score 6.

James L. (Louisville, KY, US)
Simple repair - extends life of older unit

Easy to install - I got it on first try - which is saying something for this clumsy geezer