TS6 - Water flows from the spout and the wand at the same time

If there is water flow from both the spout and wand when the diverter is in the closed position, the seal was not pressed tightly enough between the diverter cartridge and the faucet body during the cartridge installation and the diverter seal may have been washed out of position or washed completely away into the spout. The water supply valves need not be shut off to make this repair but do NOT open the mixer valve until the repair is complete!

  • Unscrew and remove the diverter lever.
  • Loosen the set screw - 2.5mm hex key.
  • Pull the diverter knob from the diverter cartridge.
  • Unscrew and remove the retaining ring.
  • Pull the diverter cartridge from the faucet body.
  • Locate the seal. If missing, remove the aerator to see if it has washed into the spout.
  • Before reinstalling the cartridge, apply NSF-61 certified silicone (plumber's) grease to the seal groove, place the seal in the groove, apply silicone grease to the face of the seal, apply silicone grease to the O-ring.
  • There are 6-holes in the bottom of the socket in the faucet body. The two pins on the diverter cartridge must be aligned vertically with the two, smallest diameter, blind holes. Once the pins are aligned press the cartridge into the faucet body and screw the retaining ring into the faucet body until it engages the face of the cartridge.
  • The cartridge O-ring will resist going into the body because it is a close fit. It will feel "springy" - do NOT strike the cartridge to force it into position. The retaining ring MUST be fully seated. Continue tightening the retaining ring until less than one thread, and as little as no thread, remains visible. If you're having trouble seating the cartridge; tighten the retaining ring, back it off 1/2 turn, wiggle and push the cartridge, tighten the retaining ring. Repeat as necessary until the retaining ring is fully seated
  • Place the diverter knob onto the diverter cartridge with the set screw in the vertical position.
  • Very firmly tighten the set screw.
  • Screw the diverter lever onto the set screw.